Summerslam Which rumored match would ME Summerslam?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. Bryan vs Cena for the WWE Title

  2. Lesnar vs Punk

  1. Basing this thread off of a little dispute Respect Gohan6425 and I had last night. He says Brock vs Punk will headline Summerslam, and I say it will be Cena vs Bryan.

    Assuming both of those matches are booked for the PPV, which do you feel would be the headlining match? Obviously there are some variables. Will they be able to hold Punk/Lesnar apart that long, or would it be a rematch? How will the build go? things like that. But on paper, which do you feel is more likely to headline?
  2. Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE title:yes:
  3. Cena/Bryan. It depends though, it really does. If they're going with a huge push for Bryan to make him one of their top company faces, then it goes in the main event spot. Same applies if he goes over Cena in any way. If it's just a generic summer feud to get more buys and interest, and someone for Cena to go over, then I can see Punk/Lesnar getting the spot. My gut says Cena/Bryan though.
  4. I wish.
  5. Punk/Brock is actually a plausible main event. With the exception of Wrestlemania (for obvious reasons), Lesnar has main evented every PPV he's been in so far.

    I also believe a Cena/Henry rematch is happening at Summerslam, so Cena/Bryan IMO will get the main event for Night Of Champions.
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  6. My overly simplified logic goes like this.

    Punk + Title = not main eventing PPVs
    Cena - title = still main eventing PPVs
    sooooooooooo Cena + Title = definitely main eventing

    obviously Cena didn't ME one PPV as champ, but we all know HHH's ego >> all.
  7. Brock was also working with HHH all of those matches except for one with Cena. both are higher on the WWE pecking order than Punk.
  8. I think a lot of it has to do with Brock as well. Something tells me they're gonna always want to try and put Brock at the top of the card any chance they get. Plus, I can see this feud ending a few Raws (like it did this past Monday) and highlighting Punk in the headline match with a big opponent like Brock seems more significant than Cena's title match if indeed Cena simply wins a rematch again Henry (especially if Heyman turns on Punk AT the event and not before.) If Cena/Bryan happens at Summerslam, then I definitely feel Punk and Brock will end up as a semi-main event instead.

  9. That's what the hypothetical scenario is. If both of these matches are on the card (Cena/Bryan & Punk/Bork) which would ME? The rumors I've all heard are Cena/Bryan at SS, not some filler PPV after. I don't see WWE dragging this Cena/Henry feud out for that long. Probably just a one match burial at MITB and that will be that.
  10. Hate to agree with Gohan, but i think Punk Lesnar will be greater, as long as it's their first match. The build up would be great, and Heyman vs punk would be the real spotlight for me. Daniel Bryan winning the title from Cena will be amazing, i just really am not sure how the build will work.

  11. I would probably enjoy Punk/Lesnar more as well. The question was though, which would main event the PPV?
  12. oh Cena vs db.

    Cena is in the main event always, and DB getting to end the night will be interesting. I really cant wait to see the crowd go fucking nuts for DB and then calm down for Cena's entrance (no chance in hell Cena comes out first)
  13. LA crowds are usually shit. Wish they would stop wasting Summerslams on those apathetic asshats.
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  14. You going bro? You gonna make it?!
  15. Yea I'm going to drive 8 hours to see a show I wouldn't drive 8 minutes to see
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  16. You live 8 hours from LA? Ahh mixed up san fran and LA somehow. Fly to sactown, and cab it down there. This dude will entertain you.

  17. You don't know much about California, do you? Sacramento is like an hour and a half from the Bay Area. It would be about a 6 hour cab ride
  18. Yeah i understand how illogical that is. So you fly to Sac town and drop a solid 14 hours with the dude on the way down to LA.

    See, another classic example where the yellow font would have helped.
  19. I'm so confused
  20. It was just failed sarcasm.
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