Which Show do you still like better?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Hrishi Dutt Sharma, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. My personal is Raw bcoz its 3hrs but i used to like smackdown in brand extension days...
    Predominantly 2007-2010.....
  2. A choice between: RAW or RAW's leftovers. :willis:
  3. SD is irrelevant nowadays, so Raw by default.
  4. I like SD and I like turtles.
  5. This to me is closer than some might think. SD is awesome, but a one complaint is that they show raw recaps. Raw gets the edge simply because it's live.
  6. SD is certainly not awesome.
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  7. To me it is. To you it isn't
  8. If you think back to 2010, pretty shocking on what a strong roster SmackDown had.
  9. whatever floats your boat hombre
  10. RAW by a country mile.
  11. Thanks esse
  12. Raw, obviously. Smackdown has improved in the past several weeks but Raw will always have the edge as the superior show, especially since it's live. Smackdown wasn't even on the same level as Raw back in the AE. The only time SD was equal or better than Raw was in 2002/2003.
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