Which Summerslam classic would you put in a WrestleMania?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by GGzap, Sep 20, 2014.

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  1. If you were to choose one Summerslam classic and put it in a WrestleMania event, which one?

    Mine would be Shawn Michaels vs Triple H from Summerslam 2002, or maybe CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy from 2009 Summerslam
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  2. Hart/Perfect IC title match.
  3. Cena vs Bryan at Summerslam 2013 for the WWE Championship.

    Even though Punk vs Lesnar had the better build and was the better match that night imo, having Lesnar simply defeat an ever-resilient underdog babyface like Punk (and without any championship on the line to boot) would have been a huge downer and kind of weird for a headline match at Mania. There's certain criteria that has to met in order to pass for a Wrestlemania main event, and Bryan winning his first WWE Championship by defeating the face of the company clean in the middle of the ring is definitely more worthy of closing out a Wrestlemania than the former. Of course, HHH and Orton turning heel and cashing in on Bryan is kind of a downer too, but at least it has the aspect of two guys turning heel and siding with one another for the first time in several years and also would involve the first-ever MITB cash-in at a Wrestlenania. Then again, if we're being absolutely technical, the question is simply which match would make for the best Wrestlemania main event, which means I can choose to ignore what happens after the match if I so desire and simply pretend the night ended with Bryan standing tall as the champion.
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    Bret Hart v Bulldog created one of the greatest atmospheres I've ever seen.
    The location meant a great deal and it isn't as if Wrestlemania will be heading back to Wembley anytime soon.
    If the build was nasty enough, if the current WWE champ was that boring, this match could close the show.
    If everything could be replicated from that time sequence of events, that would be my choice.

    If I could take only one, this would be it.
  5. Edge vs Undertaker in the cell was a Mania worthy match, I think it was at a summerslam. That or Punk vs Cena to unify the titles, the match wasn't great but it should have been a huge moment.
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