Which superstar transformation was your faviourite?

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  1. There have been many superstars who have evolved their character, some a complete 360 such as going from Jerry Lawler's crazy dentist Issack Yankem to the big red machine Kane and some more subtle.

    My personal favorite was the transformation from beer swilling, ass kicking, cigar smoking and card playing feel good Bradshaw into John Bradshaw Layfield. The dissociable billionaire who would use what ever possible to hold onto what he held precious the WWE title. Like many in the IWC I'm a big fan of heels however this man still makes me dislike him so much when I rewatch his promos that I can't help but love him. He makes me a mark again. Which is incredibly rare for this to happen especially by a heel. Plus the way he squirms out with the title every damn time was great booking.

    An example of his transformation from :

    Into this :

    So who was your favorite transformation from a wrestler? It could be major as mine was or subtle.
  2. First off, great threat.

    Second, has to be Miz. Miz went from a reality tv star, then tough enough runner up, then guest host of smackdown, then worked his way up to US Champ and WWE Champ (his wwe championship reign was one of the most entertaining for years). He was a nobody, and used his dedication, talent and will to succeed to become what he is now, a superstar. No one works harder, and for that reason I pick Miz. Most promos he does out-do the rest of the promos thruogh the night. He's the closest rival to Punk and Jericho on the mic. I'm sure we'll see yet another transition from main eventer now into glorified face of the company maybe one day.
  3. The Undertaker from dead man to Biker Taker. You gotta admit that was pretty bad arse.
  4. Oh definitely up there with the best.

    I love the JBL and Miz ones, especially Miz as he was really put down backstage beforehand, and was destined so it seemed to fail.

    Ziggler has done pretty well, seen as a male cheerleader from spirit squad to main eventer and one of the top wrestlers in the business.
  5. Easy question for me:

  6. Lmao Tzesi, biggest Kane mark I generally know. With Solidus maybe :emoji_wink:.

    To get relevant again was pretty good from Kane though.
  7. He was only whc in late 2010 though. If he slipped into irrelevancy after that its kind of his own fault imo.
  8. He was putting over young talent, with no mask, crap booking. His last reign was okay, but still. To even be seen as a legitimate threat and get reactions is pretty good after what he's done for the younger talent.
  9. Kanes always been about putting guys over and gotten good reactions though. Putting the mask on him didn't make him any better amongst the casuals imo. His size always makes him look a threat not whether he has a mask or not imo.
  10. I dunno, I think the casual take him more seriously with his mask. Much more than they did with his bald jobbing head :emoji_wink:.
  11. My favourite transformation is from Santino to Santina. :emoji_grin:
  12. I preferred Hornswoggles change from non speaking waste of space to speaking waste of space. That was legendary.
  13. What I didn't get about it is, that didn't Hornswoggle rap at Wrestlemania 27?
  14. Just re-watched it he did :lol: . You're probably the first person to realize that actually.
  15. I noticed it, and he's spoken when he was fan-whoring DX, he said "Suck ittttt".