Survivor Series Which team are you rooting for?

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  1. Team Authority

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  2. Team Cena

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  1. As the teams currently stand which do you feel as the bigger advantage? Team Authority or Team Cena? Vote and then reply why you are leaning that way.

    My vote is with The Authority even with shitty Kane.. the other members are on a tear and a rise in the company and I just think that the Authority is going to be a factor for a little while longer so I don't think they'll end that storyline just yet.

    I'll revisit this when the FINAL rosters are announced but that's definitely how I feel right now.
  2. Not rooting for any team, but Team Authority will win. lol
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  3. What he said.
  4. want team cena to win but i'm not to sure about that
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    I don't understand! :why: You named the thread "which are you rooting for" and the poll was "who do you feel will win"

    Go team Authority, but they aren't winning this (LOL)
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  6. I want Team Cena to win to see how it works with no authority, But I will probably regret saying that if they win and the WWE screws up.
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  7. Authority will win. Actually want Cens to win.

    Get the feeling this authority bollocks is going till WM though, when new Cena (Reigns) will take them down cementing him as top guy to casuals and kids.
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  8. As I've said to someone else somewhere else, the build to this match is actually good but the result will probably make me mad. Authority will win but I'm getting a sneaky feeling I'm going to have to see Mark Henry take a fall. Don't think they'd be stupid to pin Rusev on a 5 on 5... plus I don't even remember any other people so I'm just thinking about how is it that they're going to protect Cena on his loss.
  9. Maybe that's their way of starting the inevitable Cena/Rusev feud everyone's dreading? Cena pins Rusev in this 5 on 5 that "doesn't count as a loss" for some reason, and that's enough to upset the Floridian Russians... But the problem persists that not only will this turn Rusev face, but there's no possible way for Rusev to look good coming out of this.

    Especially since the former Alexander has the US ti... dammit didn't you two say you were going to give that thing to Putin? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? Lana, bow before your great leader, get it out of your hands and off of our show! It sets your HP at 25%, you hold that thing long enough, you'll be doing clean jobs to Zach Ryder! Do you wanna restart the #RyderRevolution? Hell no, go put that thing in a museum in Mother Russia or something... wait, Putin can't want it, Russia with the US Title in it will get invaded by Poland or someone
  10. :dawg: Russia being invaded by Polan would actually be pretty funny. Can picture them charging towards Moscow with horses or something
    But, yeah, Cena/Rusev would suck. I don't think they'll do it, but it's possible that they'd feed Cena some evil foreign midcarder until Brock comes back. But I wouldn't bet on it.
  11. I'll go with Team Authority, it's too early for them to lose power, it'll happen at WM31, prolly.
  12. Is anything up for grabs in this match? I find massive SS tag matches to be lame personally.
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  13. if the Authority loses they are out of power as per the words of Mince McMahon
  14. If Team Cena wins, the Authority are out of power.

    If Team Authority win... nothing, because Cena
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  15. oh, so they win. Great booking WWE
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  16. At this point I don't really care who wins.
  17. I'm pulling for Team Authority personally, and I don't see them losing at all. Most of the talent on the team(excluding Kane/Henry) can't really afford clean losses right now.

    The only thing I'm wondering is who's going to get to pin Cena.
  18. Agreed.

    I'm pulling for Rollins to get to pin Cena. One captain pinning the captain of the opposing team.
  19. I hope it comes down to Harper/Rollins vs Ziggler/Cena with Harper pinning DZ -> Cena pinning Harper after a nice long bout -> Rollins pinning Cena in some sort of cheap manner I'm assuming.
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  20. I agree to an extent here. I'm all up for Harper/Rollins being the last two men for Team Authority... As for Team Cena, can't say I'd be surprised if Sheamus/Cena were the last two men. Sheamus is the one who desperately needs a heel turn, so him Brogue Kick-ing Cena and joining The Authority is a very plausible scenario.
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