Which title is more prestigious?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Snowman, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. With Adrian Neville battling for the US Title tonight, it got me thinking:
    Which title is more prestigious, the US title he's going after, or the NXT Tag Team Title he already has?
  2. Erm, US Title I guess since it's on the main roster? :dawg:
  3. I would say the United States championship, just because it's apart of the main roster and not developmental. If both titles were on equal types of shows, I would say the NXT tag team championships since they are fresh, and held by very few, but good teams.
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  4. I'd say U.S championship.

    But semi offtopic, am i the only one who thinks the NXT championship belts look cooler than the WWE championship belts?
  5. The US Title. I stated last week that I do think Ambrose added some prestige to that title by showing up on NXT and acting like the US Title is something for the NXT guys to strive for.
  6. US title of course.
  7. The US Title is more prestigious than any NXT title, just because it's usually shown on Raw, Smackdown, etc.

    I'm not sure, however, what they're doing with the US Championship anymore. The other day, I was chatting with a friend about the "State of the WWE" and neither of us could recall off the tops of our little heads who the US Champion was (pretty amazing, considering the fact that I'm a tremendous fan of the Shield, although I like Rollins more than Ambrose...just a matter of taste really). But, between us, we can almost always be counted on to be able to reel off the titleholders in WWE.

    My point is that I think they've lost what to do with the US Title. The WWE Championship is for the main event guys, the WHC has become an upper midcard belt, while the IC is the true midcard belt (of course, the tag belts and Divas belt are obvious). This leaves the US Championship without a place (there's not really a reason to have a lower card title or even a lower-midcard title). Maybe showcasing it on NXT means that it's going to be "sent down to the minors", so to speak. Maybe it will be a second "main event" title for NXT eventually.

  8. Its a shame how much WWE shits on the IC and US belts. The histories these titles have are just as impressive as the main titles. Almost everyone from the early days to the mid-late 90s in WCW/WWF held the IC/US title before going on to the main event scene. The fact that there's even a thought that a new title on a development show could be on par with a title with such a rich history, shows how much WWE has fucked them up.

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  9. The United States Championship. A hand full of cherished superstars have held that title, it's on the main roster and Ambrose has brought a little more meaning back to the championship. You can't compare a tag-team championship to a singles championship because they're both different from each other in many, many ways.
  10. The United States Championship is more prestigious because it's on the main roster and has been active much more time. Also, it's a full title. By full title I mean, he's not one half of the US Champions, he's just the US Champ.
  11. I'll go with the United States title due to it's rich history and the past couple of title runs it has had with Cesaro and Ambrose.
  12. NXT Tag Team Titles obv! Just look at that historic lineage!
  13. Fantastic post, got you to think. That was the point haha.

    Maybe it's just my hatred of the mid-card belts that made me think so, but while obviously the main roster belt that's been around for years and years is the "better belt" the spotlight the NXT Tag Champs get compared to the lack of spotlight on the US champ gives you a moment of doubt, doesn't it?
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  14. United States Championship.

    I agree with Perfect, WWE shits on the US And IC title, when the IC title and the US title have a long history. The IC title has been held by greats like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, and Pat Patterson.

    I just don't realize why WWE doesn't get how much prestige these titles have.
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