Which titles will change hands at NoC?

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  1. WWE title - Orton definitely retains this one.

    WHC title - Not sure here. It's not had much focus which would suggest ADR wins but I dunno. Then you've got RR, who many are expecting to turn on RVD, in the match. I would love to see ADR get a clean win like at SS v Christian. WWE may have planned for RVD to get a title run on his return.

    US title - Ziggler is above this title and shouldn't be challenging for it. I think Ambrose will be disqualified with Rollins and Reigns interfering.

    Tag-titles - I think the Shield will drop them here, to the PTPs, who are being pushed. The tag division doesn't need Rollins and Reigns as it is pretty strong now and you have Los Matadores returning too.

    Diva's - Again, I'm undecided. They might want a Total Diva to be champion, which would promote the show, but on the other hand, AJ is easily the most over and fans aren't her title reign hasn't gone stale yet.

  2. The IC title and the US title, 100% certain of it.
  3. I don't think the IC title isn't on the line.
  4. i heard that ziggler got the us title match taken away, also.
  5. WWE title - yeah Orton will probably keep it. Nuff said

    WHC title - I thought I read/saw somewhere that RR would not be allowed ringside at NoC (for HIS safety)? That's not to say he won't run out and do something by the end of the match though.

    US title - I just want to see Ziggler pick up a tally in the freakin WIN column already, poor guy. Don't really care if he gets the title or not. If he does, good for him, if not, he'll do better.

    Tag Titles - Ehhhh, not sure they will change hands just yet, as in not at NoC, but maybe soon after. I figure the "corporation" will start to fall apart and they will all lose their titles, one after another, finally culminating with Bryan and the WWE title.

    Divas - Not sure here either. While AJ is over with many fans and is talented, Natty also has undeniable talent and the lineage factor. I can't remember the last time I saw a diva "nip up" like HBK used to (Lita maybe). Not that it will help her win, but definitely displays her athletic ability. I would like to see Nattie win, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

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  7. HA sweet
  8. WWE: Way too soon for Orton to lose the belt for this storyline to keep going.

    WHC: Honestly can't see Creative giving enough of a shit to even know what they're doing with this yet. I flipped a coin, ADR's big head vs RVD's fat tail, and it landed on heads, so picking ADR. Probably what they're doing too.

    US/Tag Titles: PTP are getting the title shot. Thing is, both belts being on the Shield means if one belt goes off the group it should be the way they start the breakup... then again WWE doesn't look at these things that way. If they're smart the Shield will sweep now that they're finally important again. But part of me wants Ziggler to win the US Title just so they can put the "midcarder for life" stamp on him and not tease us with the thought of him possibly being pushed. Just a shame that the midcard belts make you root against your favorite superstars.

    Divas: Used to make fun of these guys alot for having a hat in the back with all the girls' names in it. They'll pull out a name, and that's the new champion... but is it safe to say they've changed their ways and want to have at least some plan for the division? Would think, back in the day, that Naomi/Brie was a lock to win (#wwelogic) but now... think one of the actual wrestlers prevails over those idiots. Hope they can get a nice angle out of it at least so one of these ladies can get over besides AJ
  9. Orton wins.

    ADR wins with Ricardos help.

    Ziggler Jobs.

    Shield win by cheating somehow, and get into a feud with the PTP.

    Axel doesnt defend his belt at night of champions, instead someone comes out after he loses to punk, and who knows what the fuck happens. Im expecting it to be one of HHH's guys.

    Divas Natty wins or I keep taking piss breaks when its on.

    Fandango wins.
  10. WWE Title: To be honest, I wouldn't put it past them to put the belt on Bryan and then switch it back to Orton next month or something. I see The Shield interfering and then Big Show following suit, possibly leading to Show delivering the Knockout Punch to Orton in the midst of everything, further pissing off Triple H and building towards their eventual match. I obviously would see Orton getting it back the next month and then retaining it at HIAC as well if they plan on keeping the belt on Orton throughout the year, of course. But most likely, Orton retains, or perhaps Bryan wins but they reverse the decision somehow like at Rock Bottom '98 with Rock/Mankind. I have an idea on this but it's too long to type out here, so I might save it for a thread of its own.

    WHC: RVD is only winning if Sandow is cashing in, which he might do since he doesn't have a match on the card. This way, they can have a baby face transition the belt to Sandow while also giving Rob a WHC win (albeit one possibly shorter than Big Show's) on his resume, making him a triple crown world champion. But I don't see this happening. Whether Ricardo turns on RVD or not (I'm still betting he will), ADR likely retains since Vince loves him and probably wants to keep the title on him for a little while longer, despite the fact that he couldn't draw flies even if you covered him in shit.

    US: Ambrose is walking out as champion. Ziggler will probably have him pinned before Rollins and Reigns run in and causes Ambrose to be disqualified.

    Tag Team Titles: This is the championship that will probably change hands if any of them do (one of them must, right?) PTP are highlighted on the pre-show by winning the Tag Team Turmoil match and then they're highlighted on the PPV by dethroning Rollins and Reigns to become the tag team champions.

    Diva's Title: If this were a four way ELIMINATION match, then I think AJ would have a fair chance of losing since she would be up against three Divas that she buried for being on the Total Divas reality show. I could see them all ganging up on her and eliminating her by all hitting their signature moves and finishing maneuvers on her one at a time. But being this is a Fatal Four Way of tornado-like rules, I see AJ slipping away with the belt and then bragging about how she proved that the other three need to stick to reality television on a permanent basis since they can't hang with her in the ring.
  11. WWE title - I could see The Shield interfering, Big Show coming out to stop it and Daniel Bryan actually winning the title. Only for Triple H to come out and restart the match, in which Orton gets it back.

    WHC title - Don't care. ADR retains.

    US title - Don't care. Ambrose retains.

    Tag-titles - Don't care. Shield retains.

    Diva's - Hopefully Natalya.
  12. Maybe the WHC. The rest I think will retain.
  13. WHC and maybe the divas i think.
  14. Nope. No title changes
  15. WWE Championship - Orton retains but loses the match, setting up another match at Battleground...it's too soon for Orton to lose the belt anyway. I do think this is where the Big Show gets involved tonight, probably knocking out Orton and getting "fired" by HHH. He might survive the night and get "fired" on Raw tomorrow night.

    World Heavyweight Championship - I figure ADR retains, probably with Rodriguez's help. I can, however, see RVD winning it and Sandow cashing in, possibly with HHH's support, insinuating the "Corporation" into the WHC title picture and setting up a feud between Sandow and Van Dam.

    Intercontinental Championship - If I didn't think Axel and Heyman would end up aligned with HHH, I would suspect something coming up and Axel having to defend the belt in some manner.

    United States Heavyweight Championship and WWE Tag Team Championships - Expect cheating in both matches to lead the Shield to retain, setting up PTP as part of the "Resistance" to HHH's "Corporation", aligning them with Bryan, Ziggler, Rhodes, etc.

    Divas Championship - This is the only title I see as really up-in-the-air. I think the smart money is on Natalya winning the title by pinning/submitting anybody except AJ Lee, setting up a one-on-one feud between Nattie and AJ over the Divas Title going forward. I can also see AJ using the chaos inherent in the Fatal 4-Way to pin Brie or Trinity/Naomi/whichever-one-of-the-Funkadactyls-it-is-God-knows-I-can't-keep-them-straight after Nattie has put that one down, thus setting up the Nattie/AJ feud going forward. I think there's an outside chance that Brie ends up doing the above, capitalizing on Nattie's actions to pin Trinity, returning her to "heel" status and setting up a three-way feud between Brie, Nattie, and AJ going forward.