Spoiler Which TNA Stars Were At 'Feast Or Fired' Briefcase Reveal?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 22, 2015.

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  1. Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news...tars-were-at-feast-or-fired-briefcase-reveal/

    - Looking forward to seeing this episode.
  2. So.. I'm a big fan of how the cases ended up being sorted out amongst the roster for the match..

    Case 1 contained a world title match belongs to Austin Aries, which is why I assume they had him lose the X title over to Ki last week.
    Case 2 contained the pink slip and this case was snagged by Velvet Sky so she was 'fired'.
    Case 3 contained the Tag Team Title match, Magnus is the owner of this one.
    Case 4 contained the X-Division Title match and Good Ol' Rockstar Spud grabbed this one via climbing on Samuel Shaw.
  3. Aries is probably going to cash in the title and become the first man to do so and win the WHC. Velvet's either gone 5ever or will return and destroy Robbie E alongside Brooke; most likely the former. Magnus? I'd say he'll team with Bram, although apparently he fell out with Bram (not sure, as Challenge will broadcast this episode tomorrow night) so maybe Mark Andrews? Gunner? Either way he has to be apart of a face team to fight The Revolution. Rockstar Spud with the X-Division Title briefcase is going to be hilarious, regardless of whether he cashes in. Although I have a bad feeling that TNA might TNA and Mandrews turns on Spud. If that happens... it'll be a bigger fail than The Aces & Eights.
  4. I believe it will be Bram he teams with to take the tag titles away from Storm & Abyss, who knows though they could always pair him with someone else.
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  5. I'm glad Aries won the briefcase for the World Title shot! Aaand hopefully he'll become the first man to successfully cash it in for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!

    Spud taking the X-Division title away from Low Ki would be dope. I'd love to see it happen!

    Magnus winning a Tag Team title shot is alright, I guess. I see him teaming up with Bram to win the titles from Storm & Abyss, unless they're planning on doing what they did last year with Storm/Gunner and actually start a feud with the two because 'THAT WAS MY OPPORTUNITY, DAMMIT! YOU SCREWED ME!'

    Couldn't care less about Velvet being 'fired'.
  6. Spud wouldn't be able to legitimately take it from Ki, I think Spud will have a match to defend the briefcase vs someone in the near future and whoever takes it from Spud will be the one to challenge Low Ki.. although seeing Spud with a title strap would be pretty highlarious.
  7. Spud is pure gold, if he ends up losing the briefcase, (to... let's say EC III or anyone else for that matter), then that'd be meh.
  8. I'd like to see him and Samuel Shaw go at it.
  9. That might just happen, 'cause Shaw was basically Spud's ladder on the way to grabbing that briefcase.

    We'll see what happens, though.
  10. Well...

    -Aries winning the World Heavyweight Championship contract needs no explanation, does it? :yay: Clearly that's where Aries belongs and him getting his role of top face back is long overdue. It is a shame that he's been stuck in this momentumless mess for so long, but he'll find his way out. The well between he and Lashley has run dry but against a new champion it'll be a lot of fun... Aries vs Roode again? Yes, please!

    -Magnus and Bram(?) getting a tag title shot rules, nice reward for a highlight of the TNA Roster. Wonder who they'll cash in on?

    -Rockstar Spud fighting for the X-Title..... :emoji_slight_smile:

    -Velvet being let go? Awesome. The Knockouts division needs a complete rebuild, now we got Kong back and dumped Velvet. This is the best start we can hope for!
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