Which TNA superstar would you like to see in WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Baraa, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. There are many superstars in TNA that I would like to see in WWE, imagine Roode or Aries having a feud with Punk or Bryan! :gusta:

    So, if you get to pick one, which TNA superstar you like to see in WWE?

  2. Which TNA superstars you like to see in WWE?

    Punk vs Aries was dope, resulted in his best story IMO. Also Aries Danielson was sex in a ring (#anal? )

    Anyway I'd love Joe to come in a get a huge push before wrestling Punk again, that was beautiful :gusta: trying to avoid the generic answers so Magnus, he has all the skills to be WWE's top face IMO.
  3. Which TNA superstars you like to see in WWE?

    It would be better if you made it superstar; then it'd be harder. At the moment I'd obviously just name Roode, Aries, Styles and Joe.

    Out of those four though I'm going to go with Roode. I think he'd have the best chance at succeeding, and he's the one I find the most entertaining out of those four.
  4. Which TNA superstars you like to see in WWE?

    Chavo :otunga:
  5. RE: Which TNA superstars you like to see in WWE?

    Fine, just edited it.
    Everyone just pick one. :angry:
  6. RE: Which TNA superstars you like to see in WWE?

    :notsure: if serious!
  7. I hate you Crayo -_-

    Magnus then, just because he's got the look and charisma to be a star plus he's crazily young.
  8. Aside from the people who are already picked? Anderson. Not really seen any of him in TNA but he's sort of been floating around doing nothing. In WWE he always felt relevant. Loved him when I was younger.
  9. James Storm vs Stone Cold. I would actually like to see that match happen, I can already see the beer drinking promos....matter of fact I feel drunk by just thinking about it.
  10. Would quite like to see Bully mix it with the big boys in WWE to be fair. Think it couldve been interesting.
  11. Oh you :isee:
  12. Bobby Roode could become a much bigger star with the WWE marketing machine behind him. Matt Morgan is a very talented big man and almost went back to WWE late last year before TNA's stupid lawsuit caused a hiring freeze. Never seen any of Magnus, but looking up pics from him, he could become somebody. I've seen a bit of Bully Ray and must say he'd be interesting to watch in WWE again. TNA broke him away from D-Von and made him identifiable as his own individual self, something WWE couldn't do in 2002 with either Dudley (hence why they put them back together at Survivor Series 2002.)
  13. Joey Ryan :ryan:

    #PGsleaze :dawg:
  14. RVD. It's already been said that he wants to come back. He should. WWE needs him, BAD.
  15. no, hell no, he shouldn't and WWE definitely don't need him.
  16. :dawg:
  17. After tonight, I might have to change to Bully Ray. My God he was incredible, and is incredible.
  18. Imagine Aces & 8s invading WWE. :YAY:
  19. Mr. Anderson and possibly Bobby Roode.
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