Which users would you like to chill with in real life?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. Quite a lot of mini-groups of members here, and I'm wondering which ones you'd like to hang out with and have a beer or something. I understand some of you are straight edge, but you get the point.

  2. Dolph'sZiggler without a question.
  3. Crayo obvs, all of Steen, Danielson, Senhor, DZ, Aids and Gohan. Top of my head may remember more.
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  4. Ahh Stopspot, the banter and his accent are pisspants-worthy. Crayo and Xanth id prefer to keep it to mics :ksi: and dolphs is going to hook me up when i go to cali. Fuck i'd chill with a lot of people here. Rain, Grammar, Test, Jesse CM PUNK Pinkman, Senhor, Danielson, Lady Deathbane :stopspot: only sexually, and im sure there are more? Just dont talk to me about WWE IRL, and not Seabs.
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  5. Seabs, Cloud, Crayo, Ryan, Hoss. Leo C, I don't know Pop Tatari as well as these guys but discussing wrestling with him over a beer would be interesting.
  6. Personally if PCW put on a ultimate event i mean there are some good ones already but THE EVENT. There should be a WWEF get together at PCW.
  7. Ur in Steen.
  8. I was talking to Aids :neymar2:
  9. Yeah i totally would have a beer with you, except the whole time i would use Cena quotes though.
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  10. Fair enuf. I retract the PCW idea as it comes across gay as fook haha.
  11. Seriously though if any of you are ever in my hood I'll buy you a beer. And I expect the same from any of you slouches
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  12. You can :gtfo: now :cornette:
  13. :obama: Steen was at one, that shit looked dope.
  14. Saw that its this month near my birthday but i was skint at the time. Was gutted. Trying to blag my mate to the Lita one in May. Its not great but some legends there so would be kinda cool plus Lita.
  15. [​IMG]

    Good one @Seabs.
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  16. Maybe Danny and Senhor, but that's probably about it. A lot of you are really chill, but besides being Wrestling (s)marks we have nothing in common.
  17. Pretty much everyone here.
  18. If any of ya come close to my store... Come down and get your gamin on.... @gohan.. The candy store has ice cream... You can scoop it for us!
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