Which version of HHH is the best?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

  2. Original DX version

  3. The Game

  4. Evolution HHH

  5. Old Man DX

  6. Best for Business

  1. Most of them are great, but which do you prefer the most?

    Hunter Heart Helmsley

    DX Triple H

    The Game

    Evolution Triple H

    Old Man DX HHH

    COO Triple H
  2. Definitely The Game... he was one of the most entertaining wrestlers ever at that point in his career.
  3. McMahon/Helmsley era
  4. I absolutely adored HHH's Four Horsem......er....Evolution, so I picked that one.

  5. You bastard for not putting all of the above as an option.
    I'll go the Game or COO HHH.
  6. The Game easily, old man DX sucked major dong and Evolution was pretty tedious after a while. COO trips has really stepped it up recently though.
  7. The Game was totally the best. I wasn't that much into COO trips, but I have been enjoying his trolling of the crowds at Raw.
  8. Most of them are average or suck cock, but his 99-01 run was awesome.
  9. The game (99-01) was his best run in WWF, shame injury ended it. Loved his return in 2002 and he did get the belts back, but it just lacked the same star power/charm of him winning.
  10. I voted COO but pretty much COO and old DX are tied
  11. The Game era was the only time I have found him interesting. He was in top form as a heel and the matches with Foley speak for themselves.
  12. He established himself as one of the GOAT heels during his 1999-2001 run as The Game. This was back when he first introduced the sledge hammer as his choice of weapon, starting wearing the jackets and cut-up jeans, and was paired up with Stephanie McMahon on-screen for the first time. His feud with Mick Foley back then was legendary stuff, as was his rivalries with Steve Austin and The Rock.

    This is how I would rank them in order from best to worst/least best:

    The Game
    Original DX Version
    COO HHH (when he's in top heel form as he has been recently... fuck his babyface material from 2011 and mid-2013)
    Evolution HHH
    Hunter Hearst-Helmsley
    Old Man DX
  13. Don't care which is the best - corporate, authority figure Hunter is easily the worst.
  14. I go

    1.) COO
    2.) The Game
    3.) DX
    ^all were great characters
    then the others were sort of distant 4-6, with old man DX pulling in last by a mile.
  15. Vehemently disagree.
  16. RAW has been shit since SummerSlam. Hunter has been cutting 10 minute promos every week since SummerSlam. Coincidence?
  17. I blame DB, but ultimately I've enjoyed Raw for the most part the last year or so.

    Whatever the case, no way you can think pity face HHH is worse than 2006-09 DX HHH. That was just dog shit.
  18. whatever, didn't watch then.
  19. I had no idea you were a hater of the pity faced bandit. Crazy to me.
  20. Hunter? I've hated on him for months on here lmao
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