Which was the better faction NWO vs DX

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  1. D-Generation X

  2. N.W.O

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    Arguably the 2 greatest factions in wrestling history both were very crucial to their independent companies WCW & WWE during the time of The Monday Night Wars and well beyond. Both were detrimental and caused waves throughout the wrestling world which was the better faction?
  2. Not even close. NWO
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    I voted for DX...mainly because they actually did stuff...

    The only thing I remember the NWO doing is standing
    around talking or getting beaten up by Sting.
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  4. wut
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  5. Good god. You blind fam? :asuka:
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  6. Lol retards actually voting DX.
  7. 2006 DX w/ Hornswoggle
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  9. NWO > DX and it is mainly because they were seen as a dominate stable where as DX was more about comedy and shenanigans. Both had their ups and downs but NWO is/was better to me.
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  10. 1996/1997 NWO, later on DX.

    NWO became to bloated and defeated the purpose of well being the NWO probably around when Bischoff joined. 50 wrestlers went through the NWO.
  11. Sooo... Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?
  12. List of New World Order members - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    At the time I used to watch WCW Nitro (RAW was not on here or I did not have it I can't remember)

    NWO thing was meh with the wolfpac thing and then the fingerpoke of doom early 1999.
  13. Early NWO was better and had the bigger impact.

    DX was part of the attitude era and was a reaction to WCW. Overall DX was better mainly because NWO became old hat later on and even as a WCW fan at the time it got really stupid around the time of NWO wolfpac if not earlier.
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    DX. :hhh2:
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  15. One of my fondest wrestling memories was that time DX dressed
    up as the Nation of Domination...and I laughed so hard I cried.

    I'm guessing I only saw the NWO after the best of their run.
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  16. This segment was pure gold LMAO.......The Crock!!!!!
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