Which websites are you on the most?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Donald Trump_, Jan 4, 2013.

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  1. Facebook, WWEForums, twitter, youtube?

    I think Facebook for me.
  2. Facebook and WWEF.
  3. Here, other forums (mostly sports) and video sites either to stream or dl movies an and shows
  4. I go on a certain imageboard that's filled with cancer and shenanigans.
  5. 1. Facebook
    2. WWE Forums
    3. Japense Octopus Rape Porn Bonanza
    4. Youtube
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  6. 1. WWEForums
    2. YouTube
    3. HF (lurk)
  7. Youtube, Last.fm, here
  8. Reported for low quality.
  9. Here, mybb, youtube, twitter, facebook
  10. Been banned there for a while. Just look at the News and Happening Section, Sports World and Xbox.
  11. Reported for low quality.
  12. WF, YT, Twitter, FB, HF, MyBB, RTG, RG, MF when it was alive.
  13. Hf is the best site ever guizz.
  14. You're all awful awful people.
  15. Bro how often are u on hf tho, man needs dem booters.
  16. Haven't been on in months :dawg:
  17. Such a HF mark, don't lie to me.
  18. Does it look like I mark for egotistical fifteen year olds, Seabs? :bury:
  19. Re: RE: Which websites are you on the most?

    You love me don't you?
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