Which Women Wrestlers Has CM Punk Dated In Real-Life?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Saylor, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. This guy is so lucky dating Traci, Maria Kanellis and Lita to name 3 out of several. Haters gonna hate. :pity:
  2. Yeah, even if he hadn't been pushed to the main event, his run in wrestling would have been worth it lol
  3. Who cares who he's spelunking...... They all look the same from behind.....


  4. I completely agree with you :otunga:.
  5. Itz no different from real life, honestly. One girl he dated lives not 2 far from where I used 2 hang out everyday
  6. Wasn't he with Mickie too?


    Btw, is he still with Beth?
  7. He was with Beth.
  8. Oh, ok!
  9. CM Punk blasted his ex-girlfriend a while ago, which presumed to be Beth Phoenix.

  10. Jesus he sounds like a 15 year old girl there.
  11. He did get a little heat from it from people as it was unnecessary really, it's more of a personal issue yet he's went off a slobbed her like that but I guess he fell like he needed to share that with the WWE Universe for whatever reason.
  12. Lita has big boobs. :edge:
  13. So do Mickie and Beth.

    Big fake boobs....hmmmm.

    Aw, hell, I'd still tap 'em, too.

  14. Pretty much all the names you listed in that post are the girls hes dated. From a girls point of view I do think he is hot. Also for him to date all those girls he must have something special about him to get with all them. I have seen an interview with Maria on you tube saying CM Punk is a sweet, funny guy. I do think hes back with Amy Dumas since they were together at Wrestlemania 28
  15. LOLS at this thread as it's the same wherever u work u do end up dating loads of the women u work with as 9/10 it's the only place u meet ppl apart from nights out.
  16. The difference being that Mickie is short and fat, and Beth is an amazon woman.
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  17. Mickie James fat? That's not fat that's gorgeous!
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