Which would of been a better Main Event for Mania?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Jan 26, 2016.

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  1. Reigns vs HHH

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  2. Reigns vs Ambrose vs Lesnar

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    Last night on Raw they announced Lesnar vs Ambrose vs Reigns for the #1 contender spot for the title at Wm32. Obviously Reigns will win and the Wyatts will interfere to fuck it up for Brock.

    In my opinion they should of made this triple threat match the main event at Wrestlemania. HHH vs Reigns and Brock vs Bray Wyatt should of happened at Fastlane. Also they could of just had Ambrose drop the IC to Owens at RR and set up Aj Styles vs KO for the IC title at Mania (maybe even throw in Sami Zayn). HHH could of faced The Rock. And Bray Wyatt could of faced Finn Balor maybe, or just been in a giant 6 man US title match or something.

    The triple threat match would of had a more unpredictable outcome if it was at Mania instead (we all know Reigns will win at Fastlane). And then we all know Reigns will beat Triple H and Brock will beat Bray.

    Which do feel should of been the main event? And why?
  2. I think a Lesner vs Roman vs Ambrose will be a great match. I'm just tired of Triple H still trying to keep the spot light on himself. Him vs the Rock would have been neat again but I could care less about it. It's time for these guys to truly step aside and shine the light on the new talent and this idea to have those three head line WM would have been a step in the right direction. With either Roman or Ambrose walking out with the title and Lesner putting them over rather then stealing the spot light in the end.
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  3. I was really hoping Ambrose was gonna win at the rumble when it came down to him and HHH. That win and him being a rumble winner while WWE champ and IC champ at the same time would of guaranteed him as a future hall of famer.
  4. I guess we'll know for sure after Fastlane and WM 32 have already passed and we compare the two. :emoji_wink:

    But yeah, I'm cool with Reigns vs HHH.
  5. What I want at mania as of now:

    Reigns vs triple h
    Brock vs bray
    Rock vs taker
    Ambrose vs styles
    KO vs zayn
    Ladder match for the us title - League of Nations, kalisto, Ziggler, Jericho, Neville
    Tag team title triple threat - usos, new day,

    Something like this seems like the best options as of now.
  6. Seems rather pointless to fantasy book Rock against anyone when there's no indication that he'll even be performing at Wrestlemania, no?

    Anyway, Brock/Reigns/Ambrose should be an awesome match, but it would feel pretty weird and random as this year's Wrestlemania main event. The chief storyline of Wrestlemania generally works much, much better when it has the conflict of Hero vs Villain at its core, and Reigns vs HHH certainly has that, not to mention their bad blood goes as far back as mid-2014. The collapse of The Shield is linked to their rivalry, too. By comparison, Brock vs Ambrose vs Reigns would be three babyfaces being randomly thrown together for the title, which doesn't work nearly as well.

    Ideally speaking, Ambrose getting Roman's push and building towards HHH vs Ambrose would have been the best route, but of course Reigns is favored over Ambrose because reasons. I'd love to see anyone even attempt to make the argument that this whole Vince/Authority storyline wouldn't have worked a 1000 times better with Ambrose's character in Reigns' place.
  7. I wanna see Ambrose vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania, Ambrose is the only former shield member not to win the world title yet, and more importantly, I want him to leave both WWE World Heavyweight Champion AND Intercontinetal Champion, because he deserves that multi-title run. But knowing McMahon's fashion style logic he will just have Reigns get his 3rd world title at mania. Let's just have Reigns so something else if WWE wakes up and realizes Reigns has failed. Like have Brock drop the Wyatt feud and let Reigns have a non title rematch, and what about Bray? Well how about he takes on ambrose for the IC at mania? Yeah, Ambrose double duty. Styles will take on Kevin Owens, and Chris Jericho should get Zayn if you think about it... The New Day should stay champs for a while longer but I don't know who they can take on...
  8. I agree with all you just said. But, the rock wrestling is highly likely considering a lot of WWE's big names are out. Also, they're deeming this "the biggest mania ever;" thus, it's only fitting that the rock fights.

    He already showed up on raw and whooped ass... I don't see them having him not wrestling someone like taker in cenas place. It's not "fantasy" booking, it seems to be more real.
  9. lol Him getting physical with someone on Raw doesn't mean there that he'll be wrestling anyone at Wrestlemania itself. Austin's gotten physical with plenty of people since he retired in '03 (Christian, Jericho, Steiner, Test, JBL, Foley, Orton, Hassan, The Miz, Alex Riley, etc.), but he's still yet to wrestle another match since then. Rock laid the smack down on Rusev just last year and nothing else came from that either. Whooping someone's ass in a segment doesn't always have to lead to something more important, sometimes it's just there to provide an entertaining moment for the fans.

    And Rock vs Undertaker in 2016 is so lame imo. They've wrestled so many times before already and if they were to cross paths again now, it would feel so random, so I don't see any real demand for that match-up. Rock prefers working with a heel anyway.

    Rock wouldn't not be competing because WWE doesn't want him to, it's because he won't be able to get insurance on his latest movie if he wrestles this year and his schedule is looking pretty tight around Mania time on top of it. But if The Rock could wrestle, you can be damn certain that it would be against either HHH or Lesnar. They planted the seeds for a match with HHH already and they've wanted to do Rock/Brock for a few years now.
  10. All a matter of opinion. And when rock came back and whooped rusevs ass, it wasn't confirmed that rock would be at mania that year. It's confirmed he will be at mania as well as WWE even made a poll asking what the rock should do.

    I don't think it's "fantasy" to see the rock battle at mania 32. As of now, it seems more likely because of the lack of stars - specifically cena being out - to see the rock wrestle. I wouldn't mind seeing rock vs taker. The match hype itself would sell and it would make mania "bigger." I would rather see Brock vs rock, but this wouldn't be bad since Brock seems to be fighting bray.

    You're right about the rock whopping ass randomly for ratings, but this point time seems more likely that he will in fact wrestle.

    Fantasy booking, btw, is usually seen as like Sting vs taker. They have never fought. In different companies. And similar personalities. It's like a fantasy match for mania. Idk. Not trying to knit pick. Just disagree :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. Huh. I see Anon's "would of" corrector is not around anymore
  12. You really think they'd be asking fans what The Rock should be doing if he was wrestling? They'd already know what he would be doing because they know where the money is when you use him.

    Just my opinion, but I think it's pretty obvious that The Rock isn't wrestling this year. They did the segment between he and HHH at Wrestlemania last year because that was their way of setting up the main event for this year. Yet now we know for certain that HHH will be defending the WWE Championship against Roman Reigns (or against Dean Ambrose if we're really, really lucky, which we probably won't be) in the main event instead, so that's out. Rock vs Brock is easily the biggest match they could do period (barring something like Austin vs Brock or Austin vs Cena, anyway) and they tried to get it done at 30 and 31 but couldn't due to Rock's schedule, but they're already setting up for a big program between Lesnar and the Wyatts instead. So that one's out, too.

    Your argument about the lack of stars is a little silly (no offense) considering The Rock would easily be the biggest star of 'em all even if Cena, Orton, Sting, Rollins, etc. weren't injured and were able to wrestle. If there are in fact other circumstances that are keeping The Rock from performing, those things aren't gonna suddenly vanish just because WWE needs more star power on the show. I personally think announcing his appearance at Mania is a trick to sell more tickets by fooling people into thinking he might be wrestling even though he won't. They're willing to do everything possible to sell 100,000 tickets.
  13. I don't see why u turn such a blind eye to the possibility of The Rock teaming with The Usos to face The New Day. It actuallt makes a lot of sense. And he's been in a tag match at Wrestlemania before. Him and Foley faced Evolution at Wrestlemania XX
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  14. I don't think it's pretty obvious that he won't be wrestling. You said it yourself, he was planned to wrestle triple h. Now he can't. Thus, why not still use your biggest draw to wrestle? As planned?... You make no sense. It makes sense that he would wrestle.

    Wrestlers being injured does help prove my point very much so. Lack of big names on the biggest mania ever doesn't sound good. However, if people find out that the rock is battling taker in Texas, presumably in his last match. Well, let's see if that doesn't sell. Lol.

    Rock will sell tickets regardless, yes, but he sells more when he fights. Mania 28 shattered all other Mania ticket sale records because of cena fighting the rock. The following year, when the rock was wrestling again, it shattered records.

    If what you're saying is true, the rock prob would have done just as well selling tickets for mania 27... Because he was there, yet that clearly wasn't the case.

    The rocks name sells. But it sells more when you know, as a fan of WWE, that you're gonna see the brama bull fight yet again.

    Agree to disagree.

    The rock wrestling has only proven to be fruitful.
  15. It makes no sense unless the absolutely only way they could negotiate a deal with Rock's insurance company and get their permission for him to wrestle was to do so in a tag match where he wasn't doing the brunt of the work. Even then, I'll believe it when I see it. Otherwise, he's too big a name nowadays to settle for some undercard tag team match if they could use him for bigger and better things. Wrestlemania XX was a completely different scenario because he was on strictly borrowed time (which allowed Foley to do most of the promo work leading up to the match) and there wasn't a singular name he could have worked with that year that would have drummed up an unusual amount of interest anyway (other than maybe Shawn Michaels, but Rock flat out refused to work with HBK back then for personal reasons.)


    There's not a single point you brought up here that I didn't already dispute in either of my last two posts. You basically ignored almost everything I wrote, insisted that I made no sense, and then repeated what you already said before. Go back and read my previous two posts again.
  16. Lol nah I'm good man. I read your post and replied to your points and explained why I disagreed with your points. As debates go. I don't think the rock simply appearing with help sell 100,000 seats. You need more from the rock, I explained.

    I also explained why it makes sense as to why he would wrestle and he needs to. It also helps fills very obvious gaps.

    Nuff said. No more :emoji_slight_smile:
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