Which wrestler has the worst fanbase?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Varus, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. In a recent thread most people were arguing about terrible fanbases so I figured we could discuss it all here.

    Without a question it's the Ambrose fanbase, if I had a buck for every comment saying he's some God than I wouldn't be here typing right now thats for sure.
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  2. It's a shame that many of the good overall performers have such annoying fan bases. I would have to go with Punk, Ziggler, and Ambrose. They're three of my favorites, but their marks piss me off so much
  3. 1.) DB
    2.) Punk
    [huge dropoff]
    3.) Shield (mostly Ambrose)
    4.) Ziggler
    5.) Rhodes

    as things stand currently IMO.
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  4. Punk and Bryan. Not so many annoying Bryan marks here, but on other forums.. holy fuck..
  5. yea those two are head and shoulders above the rest of the annoying fanbases
  6. I'm surprised at your comments tbh, I usually never see annoying DB marks
  7. hop on over to Wrestlingforum. Every fifth or so thread made in the WWE sections are about Bryan in some way, shape or form.
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  8. I'm surprised at your being surprised.

  9. I literally lurk that forum for laughs.
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  10. Daniel Bryan for sure. There's literally people who think he is gonna usher WWE into a brand new era or something. Someone over on wrestlingforum.com last night even made a thread asking if Bryan and Punk are the next Austin and Rock of this generation lol. Thankfully, most of the responses were on the disagreement side.
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  11. You too?
  12. Just saw it, lmao.
  13. I can gladly say after being sent to that forum I am no longer surprised *pats back*
  14. Yeah the other forum is notorious for Punk and Bryan marks.
  15. Punk and Bryan (Im a Bryan mark and mark out in LDs but I wouldnt say im that bad about it, Im not making threads about him all the time).
  16. Cm Punk. His fans piss me off so badly.
  17. Agreed with dolph on this one. I don't think the Ambrose one is that bad at all yet though. It will in due time. I'd probably put Punk ahead of DB.
  18. Right now it isnt as bad as its mainly people who were fans of Ambrose since the indy days. Im an Ambrose mark and I only started watching him a couple months before he came up to the main roster.
  19. The AJ fanbase is also very annoying. Its understandable that the fans hankering for a high profile diva will latch on but still I feel that it has gone mighty overboard.
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  20. I like to neg rep all of the hardcore marks (DB or Punk marks) with comments dissing their favorite wrestler. Their return rep comments are always hilarious
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