which wrestler hold wwe champions for more days?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ganesh Ujwal, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. which wrestler hold wwe champions for more days?
  2. If you mean who has held the title for the most number of days, that would be Bruno Sammartino at 4,040 days (counting all his title reigns combined.) His longest single title reign was almost eight years.
  3. Your questions are cringe worthy.

    Anyway, http://bit.ly/TRrNvT
  4. 1. Bruno Sammartino for 2830 days
    2. Bob Backlund for 2135 days
    3. Hulk Hogan for 1474 days

    Those were the top three wrestlers with the three longest reigns in WWE championship history.
  5. This got me curious.

    4. Bruno Sammartino for 1237 days
    5. Pedro Morales for 1027 days
    6. Bob Backlund for 763 days
    7. Bob Backlund for 672 days
    8. John Cena for 380 days
    9. Randy Savage for 371 days
    10. Hulk Hogan for 364 days
    11. Diesel for 358 days
    12. Punk's currently sitting at 345 days.
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  6. Well we know for a fact Punk will succeed Diesel's reign, unless they have him lose it before Survivor Series, which would be a stupid move.
  7. If he can hold it until Rumble, he'll get up to #8, which is the best anyone can do in the current era.

    Bravo, Punk. Awesome stuff.
  8. Sad but true, don't think anybody can hold the championship for over 2000 days and not get stale with the way WWE runs their current product.
  9. Such a huge achievement in modern WWE. I can't imagine anyone holding it for 8 years now, lol.
  10. He isn't defending the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. So, that add's more days to his reign. Congratulations Punk.
  11. Yeah, Sammartino at the top and Bob Backlund right after him.
  12. Punk will hold his belt at least till the Rumble. Making him the longest reigning world champion since Hulk Hogan in the 80's. And no one is ever gonna hold a world title for four years again in modern day WWE, so that's the best Punk can do.
  13. i am not asking total number of days wrestler hold the champion in his career.
    i am asking who hold wwe champions for more days without losing it.
    for example:WWE sheamus hold the world heavyweight champion for 8 months continuously.
  14. We just told you, look at the first page please.
  15. Bruno Sammartino for almost six years, and according to Bob Backlund his reign went from 1978 to 1994 but most people don't consider that to be true. :dawg:
  16. I wonder which no good mudder fuawker would think so :hmm:
  17. Mr. Backlund did. :okay:

    In his 1994 run as a heel he did say that though, since he never tapped out to the Iron Sheik in 1983, but his manager threw in the towel. He just jobbed to Diesel three days after he won the title anyway so that didn't go far.
  18. Who doesn't job to Kevin Nash :yay:
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  19. :downer:

    Although giving Nash the title did set up one of the worst financial years for WWF. Having Backlund put someone over at WM after months of feuding with the entire "new generation" would've worked so much better than hotshotting the title into Diesel.

    And btw, after taking the Jackknife Powerbomb, Bob crawled back to the locker room to sell the move. Putting people over like a boss. :obama:
  20. :mog: He could sell beer to a straight edge person and a Bieber CD to Ozzy.
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