Which wrestler is the biggest mark of all time?

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  1. Who got pissed off by losing? Or refused to job? You know, who was the biggest mark (who was an active wrestler) of all time?
  2. I would say Hulk Hogan is. Some might say Stone Cold, but in ECW he refused the chance of having the ECW World Championship, but he refused the chance. The Rock took that beating from CM Punk too. Undertaker jobbed to Kane a few years ago.
  3. CM Punk has to be up there for his shoot.

    On the contrary Daniel Bryan is one of the best pros ever for taking that 18second defeat without any sort of protest, despite being the best wrestler at the event.
  4. Hogan.

    Undertaker, Kane and, sometimes Rock and even Big Show are known as some of the most unselfish wrestlers of all time.
  5. From what I know of, the Kliq.

    Edit: And Jeff Jarrett.
  6. Surprised no one has mentioned Bret Hart yet.
  7. Bret, he ranked himself above Austin because he never jobbed to him. Nothing beats that IMO. Honorable mentions include HBK, although he redeemed himself since 02 and Hogan. Warrior also apparently had a large admiration for himself. Cena also to an extent, surely he could refuse these title reigns and what not but he doesn't he's not the highest by any means but as the top star could refuse plans I'm sure of it.

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  8. I was just coming in to do that.

    He sometimes forgets wrestling is a work. He actually called up newspapers to tell them after Montreal that that wasn't the real finish and that he didn't really lose, almost forgetting that no one would have thought he really lost for real anyway, since wrestling is predetermined. Cornette joked about this in a shoot, where he said Bret would call them up to tell them he didn't really lose a match, but would never bother to call the newspapers to tell them that he never really won one either, since people laid down for him and put him over. Hell, the fact that he refused to lose at all in Montreal kinda shows how big of a mark he is for himself.

    As mentioned, he wonders why Austin is ranked higher than he if he beat him every time he wrestled him (he has felt this way for years, because he said this same thing in a promo with Goldberg in 1999, and it was an unscripted comment.)

    He is also sometimes arrogant to the point of delusional. Saying that when he went to WCW, they should have put him in a dream match with Hogan right away, and the fact that they didn't shows how Bischoff never had any brains for wrestling. While WCW could have done SOMETHING meaningful with Bret, saying they should have just discarded Hogan/Sting (which they had been building up for over a year) just to suit Bret Hart is just ridiculously arrogant and foolish.
  9. Warrior.
  10. Ahmed Johnson.

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