Which Wrestler suprised you the most in 2018?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. As the title suggests really,

    For me, in all honesty, it was Ronda Rousey. When she made her debut at the Rumble and pointed at the sign for like ten minutes I was excited to see what she can do but also worried that she was going to be another Lesnar and would be booked as an Unstoppable force which cannot be beaten under any circumstances. But I was shocked when she made her in-ring debut at 'Mania and I have actually been looking forward to each match she has also she can also cut an acceptable promo (Just the promo with the bellas wins it for me).

    Which Wrestler shocked you in 2018?
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  2. It might sounds cliche but I'm gonna say Daniel Bryan, I did thought he would wrestle again eventually but a year ago I would never have thought he would be doing what he's doing right now. I am really happy for him and I'm glad he got rid of that YES stuff and reinvented himself. Truly shows how good of a worker he is.
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  3. I can't really think of anyone who "surprised" me in 2018 in WWE, as most did what I thought they would do, but if it counts Roman's announcement of Leukemia was something that surprised me.
  4. Daniel, Roman, Becky and Ronda.

    Mostly because of how good Ronda is after less than a year. She is the female Kurt Angle. She has had some protection but still. Becky got over organically, Roman was a shock, and didn't expect to see Daniel Bryan in the ring. I missed ime the 1st time around but seeing his "New Daniel Bryan" I can see why people like him.
  5. Daniel Bryan truly has proved that he is the top guy and many levels above everyone else. The heel run hes in now is some of the best work that any WWE Superstar has put on in awhile. Fuck a Becky Lynch.