Which wrestler that isn't used can make it on RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. Who out of the wrestlers who are never used on RAW - like developmental wrestlers or just unused jobbers - could actually make it on RAW?

    I think my personal favourite would be Alex Riley. I really think he would be a fantastic midcard heel.
  2. Ted Dibiase
  3. Hunico with a gimmick change. He is a great wrestler, they just stuck him with that racial generic gimmick.
  4. I'm gonna go with Hunico. Hes great in the ring and has a pretty good character going for him that can be utilized more. The Usos are another choice of mine. Those guys are extremely talented as a tag team.
  5. Does Drew Mcintyire count? I go with him
  6. Alex Riley for sure.

    The guy could grow out to be ME material when either face or heel.

    He has a good move-set, mic skills, and is way over with the crowd. Someone said he has got bigger pops on Superstars then Cena got on RAW.

    He's overall a great preformer who deserves a spot imo.
  7. This
  8. Michael McGillicutty,
    Alex Riley,
  9. Does "all of the above" count"? Haha. Sadly Hunico and Riley are injured according to Wikipedia. (So are Bateman, Jackson, and Hawkins)

    Odd answer. McGillicutty would be my first choice, if they can hide how green he is in the ring he is by allowing him more character/trash talk during the matches (similar to Bully) he'd be awesome... but lets look at the WWE roster right now. There's a clear lack of star power and an even greater lack of babyfaces that fans can get behind, a giant "Push Alex Riley" sign pops up.
  10. Riley and Hennig.
  11. If made Joe Hennig, I'd say yes.
  12. Gabriel imo mark my tits off when i see that guy.
  13. No charisma.

    I understand why people post Hunico, but he can't speak, he's quite good in the ring but he's not the BEST high-flier in WWE so he can't rely on his ring work, what does he have going for him? By make it on RAW, I mean be on RAW every week and get over and eventually break into main events and such.

    Sure he counts. He can't talk very well but he has a fantastic aggressive wrestling style.


    Also this, if he was booked as a beer-drinking Bobby Roode type character.
  14. Michael McGillicutty, Ted DiBiase, Jr., Cody Rhodes, Alex Riley.
  15. If named Joe Hennig. Sounds way more badass.
  16. Paige and The Ascension would be cool
  17. Definitely. So pumped for Ascension.
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