Which wrestler would you most want to sign for WWE?

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  1. Mine would be Sting.
  2. i would have liked MVP to resign if we are talking about new Talent maybe Abyss to have a fude with Kane or Bobby Roode
  3. Wouldn't mind seeing MVP if he was heel, they ruined him by his face run.
  4. Jack Evans. That guys has some amazing talent and if WWE used him right they could make him one of the biggest star and also we'd get entertaining matches!

    Another one is AJ Styles, I'd like to see how he goes in WWE.
  5. AJ Styles definitely. Not seen Jack Evans, got any videos of him?
  6. Never been too match of a fan of Evans tbh he's a good high flier and the 630 splash is a really nice site but he does spots just to get them in imo.

    If I can chose 1 person it would have to be Kenta so he can show Punk how to hit a proper GTS and light up the show everyday or Kevin Steen mainly because he's the most complete wrestler I've seen in a long time.
  7. Jack doesn't look like a very good wrestler, but his high flying ability is exceptional there. Could probably get over just on that, perhaps FCW training could help him, but meh.

    I've seen Kevin Steen quiet a lot actually, I wouldn't mind seeing him at WWE.
  8. He's one of those guys were he's ok in 5 minute matches or multiman but I wouldn't want to see him an extended match if that makes sense.
    The only issue with Steen would be his look I can't see him being the top of the WWE looking like he does. However if they let him do 450 splashes and moonsaults he could be the next Vader imo.
  9. Yeah, how old is he now? You think it's a possibility that WWE might go for him?
  10. Steen's only 27 :O.I'm actually shocked by that lol. I can't see them going for him tbh unless Punk or DBD direct management towards his work. I think he maybe slightly too adult to fit in the PG setting. Generico however I can see being in the WWE soon enough he could replace Rey Rey imo.
  11. Would love for TNA's AJ Styles to come to RAW or SmackDown.

  12. Sting is way too old.
    AJ Styles.
  13. Sting is old and far from the worker he was but wouldn't you like to him square off against Taker? As in a I never thought we'd ever get this moment kinda deal?
  14. Hmm, I don't see the fuss between a Taker/Sting feud/match :/
  15. I think it's mainly because they define the two sides with Taker being soley a wwe wrestler for most of his career and sting always being on the other side. Thats what it is for me anyway lol.
  16. How?! :O
  17. :facepalm:

    Sting/Taker would be an all time great moment. I'd have wanted Sting to sign a contract in the beginning of 2012 just for the Undertaker feud and match at Mania. Nothing could top it.

    Outside of that, I'd want to see Kevin Steen or the Briscoes in WWE. Honestly, I'm happy with the TNA guys in TNA for now (outside of the Sting exception)

    lol, I got on page 5 by mistake somehow.. didn't realize I was bumping a 2 month old thread
  18. Good thread to bump though. Aries to WWE to win cruiser-weight championship as a heel. Mhmmm.
  19. I don't want WWE to sign Aries and then do nothing with him, which is the most likely scenario. He's amazing doing what he's doing now, if it aint broke don't fix it

    honestly I'd be more interested in TNA adding some of WWE's talent, someone like Tyson Kidd in the X-Division would be sweet or Mystico (imagine the crazy shit they'd have him doing)
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  20. He was cut from tough enough so I can't see them having much interest.