Which Wrestling Companies Do You Follow?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Bort, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. Simple. Do you watch anything besides WWE, and if you do, what is it?

    I watch and follow:

    - TNA Wrestling (hardcore fan)
    - ROH Wrestling (hardcore fan)
    - PWG
    - AJPW (I want more)
    - NJPW
    - Pro Wrestling NOAH (hardcore fan)
    - Diamond Ring
    - BJW
    - Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling (hardcore fan)
    - Dragon Gate USA (hardcore fan)
    - EVOLVE Wrestling (hardcore fan)


    - WWE
    - CHIKARA Pro Wrestling (I want more)
    - Pro Wrestling Zero1
    - DDT
    - wXw
    - SHIMMER Wrestling (I want more)
    - CZW (I want more)
    - All-Star Wrestling

    Dead companies:

    - WCW and ECW, of course
    - Memphis
    - Florida
    - NWA territories
    - SMASH
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  2. Follow regularly:


    -Dragongate USA

    Dead companies:

    Companies I would like to follow:
    -GBG Wrestling, Swedens oldest and biggest wrestling promotion. Too bad they don't have any tv broadcasts and only do live events down in the south.
  3. Regularly:
    - Impact Wrestling
    - NOAH
    - PWG
    - EVOLVE

    - ROH
    - NJPW
    - AJPW
    - Big Japan

    1-5 times a year:
    - WWE (yeah, yes)
    - DGUSA
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  4. Wow Joe, you're such a smark. How do you find the time to follow all of those?
  5. I try to mix it with my jobs, exams and social life somehow. It works if you try really hard. But that's why my sleep suffers, and I'm half drunk most of the time bcuz of it.
  6. Simple formula there IMO: take care of business well and you'll find time to watch wrasslin'!:obama:
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  7. ^ What about wanking? Please don't say you do it at the same time..? :/
  8. I barely find the time to watch TNA live, even though I'm on strike from watching it live atm. It's quite handy that SmackDown fucksucks too.

    I really wish RoH was easier to watch.
  9. Just ROH & TNA. I'm too lazy to try and follow the smaller promotions.

    Dead Promotions: ECW & WCW of course.
  10. You guys have no freakin' idea what you're missing with the lack of PWG in your lives. Sooooo much fun. Plus, it's easy to follow them because they only have like 10-12 shows per year.

    Here's the DVD preview for their latest show, from last Saturday:
  11. PWG tends to have the best crowd, they're insane a lot of the time. I think it was Steen vs Generico in the ladder match at Steen wolf when Steen was ripping on some bloke in a Generico mask. Just golden moments with the interaction.
  12. Yeah, the Reseda crowd is the best US crowd, easily. Those people have so much fun.
  13. Agreed with Joe and Seabs there. Guerrilla crowd is completely awesome, relaxed and having fun.
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  14. I sometimes follow CCW.
  15. From that trailer Joe posted it is clear I need to get into more PWG
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  16. :obama:[​IMG]
  17. Meh. WWE regularly, TNA and ROH when I can.

    From some of the smaller promotions I've seen (PWG, DGUSA, CHIKARA), I think I'd like to see more of their shows. I recently discovered NWA Championship Hollywood (or something like that). They've got a few entertaining guys there as well as Colt Cabana and Adam Pearce.


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  18. Not sure what indy promotions to follow, not a big fan of RoH, and that scared me away. Anything else that has the best of both worlds, storylines and wrestling? May get into Shimmer, love women's wrestling.

    I follow TNA and the WWE webshows, as you all know.
  19. DGUSA, EVOLVE and SHIMMER have the best of both worlds, storylines and wrestling. PWG has no storylines, only old school feuds where you book two wrestlers, and they develop the hatred throughout the match and begin a feud.
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