Which Wrestling Event Is Your Favorite?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. Mine personally is WrestleMania 28, 19 and King of the Ring 1996.

    Now i'm pretty sure i'm forgetting some but tell me yours below!
  2. Mine is Wrestlemania 17 (X7), not for the quality of wrestling or anything like that but this is one of the shows I remember really enjoying as a child. I remember setting an alarm for 1am to get up and watch it on Sky Sports 1 and now I experience nostalgia whenever I watch the event over. Austin's heel turn <3
  3. My fondest wrestling memory was Big Sexy beating Goldberg's streak to win the belt, so I guess this one:


    Can't say I remember much of the rest of the card, but Big Sexy made me mark harder than I ever had or will again, so he wins. Sure the fingerpoke of doom happened soon after, but who gives a shit.
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  4. Hey what about The Wrestlemania in 200- *WWE Censors and never mentions again*
  5. Wrestlemania 13, the submission match between Stone Cold & Hart was one for the ages in my books,
  6. Wrestlemania X-7. Austin and Rock put on the greatest match in the history of their feud (and one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history, too), Triple H and the Undertaker had a very good knock-down drag-out fight with each other, Benoit and Angle put on a pretty good technical match (though they've had much better, namely at the 2003 Royal Rumble), the triple threat match for the Hardcore Title was pretty fun to watch, loved seeing Chyna destroy Ivory (and destroy the credibility of the Women's Division in the process), the Gimmick Battle Royal was mindless fun, etc. It was a pretty stacked card and still the greatest Wrestlemania event in history imo.

    Other events that I'd rank among my favorites: King Of The Ring 1996, Royal Rumble 2001, Summerslam 2002, etc.
  7. Big Sexy's match and then DDP over The Giant (Big Show) were the only two I remember but yeah that was a great event.
  8. WM X-Seven, WM 19, Backlash 04.
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