Which WWE finishers would actually hurt?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. If they actually connected! :pity:

    Darren Youngs finisher (Firemans carry gutbuster)
  2. Most of them.
  3. I think any aerial, punch, or kick move would hurt. But any drops (AA, I'm calling you out) wouldn't hurt too much.
  4. Nice point.
  5. Straight jacket neckbreaker.
  6. Damien Sandows finisher, correct? :obama:
  7. So if I picked you up in a military press/ fireman's carry and planted you in a wooden floor back or shoulder first with all my strength you wouldn't feel pain? an AA if done with any real intent to actually hurt the person could probably cause a couple of broken bones.
  8. Indeed. :sandow:
  9. Knee Trembler.
  10. Sheamus's backbreaker
  11. Kelly Kelly's roll up of doom.
  12. I'd gag


    Gail Kim - Eat Defeat
  13. Without a shadow of a doubt

    The Pedigree
    Stone Cold Stunner
    Tombstone Piledriver(executed properly )
  14. the brogue kick
  15. I'm pretty sure every finisher would hurt to some degree.
  17. The Last Chancery.
    The Last Ride.
  18. Piledriver
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