Which WWE Superstar Will Be in the Next WWE Films Movie The Marine 3?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Cool. Has anyone here seen The Marine or The Marine 2?
  2. Haven't seen them, apparently the first wasn't diabolical and the less said about the second the better. Not sure if Randy can pull the role off, then again does anyone remember this legendary performance.....
  3. Pure emotion and ruthlessness there for Randy Orton.
  4. Them papers didn't know what's hit them, also since Xanth decided to be fat over my profile I can only +/- 1 rep now also what's up with the tagging?
  5. Now you know how us average Joe's feel ass hat
  6. Stupid Xanth, I'll go fix. Tagging is on its period I swear, not sure what's wrong with it.
  7. Orton or Bourne..
  8. I love Randy, but quitting on the marines should probably disqualify u a bit
  9. you think????
  10. Randy is going to be in the 3rd part, found it on a site today.
  11. Wow WWE way to slap the Marine Corps right across the face. What a fucking joke
  12. lol. Ya, I just hope he isn't booed by the wrong people here. It's okay if he's intentionally bad, but not if he's trying 2 b liked 4 a movie he's filmed
  13. randy would fit the role perfectly
  14. maybe they address his past in the movie. its possible he gets discharged and tries 2 atone 4 his mistake in the movie.
  15. CM PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. He doesn't really fit the marine mold tbh, Riley could do it imo he's got the luck definitely.
  17. WWE? Give Riley a film? Pfft.
  19. [​IMG]
    If this guy can get one I think even I'm in the running.
  20. THAT TED!!!!!!! WHO IN THE 2ND ONE!
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