Which WWE Wrestler do you mark for most?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Current roster. That includes inactives like Taker and Rock.
  2. Daniel Bryan :bitw:
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  3. +1
  4. I mark for Santino when he almost wins things. I think I marked more for Santino almost winning the rumble than Rock returning
  5. The Undertaker
    Antonio Cesaro
    Dolph Ziggler

    So pretty much when they're on my screen, I just go crazy.
  6. CM Punk :pity:

    The Shield dhsubanidifjdjjdjwuu :otunga:

    Stone Cold ??
  7. Right now freaking out like a little girl everytime Cesaro comes out. That strength, that moveset, that smugness.
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  8. This too. When Santino looked to win the EC match, I was freaking the fuck out. I dunno why, but I wanna see that guy win it one day.
  9. The only guys I mark for would be Rock, Brock & Ziggler.
  10. Ziggler,Punk and Sandow
  11. Ziggler, Rock, Brock.
  12. I forgot about Brock so I'll add him too.
  13. That one not so much for me because even though Santino was close I knew DB would retain because he'd just one it not too long ago. When Santino crawled out of the bottom of the ring at the Rumble, I kid you not, I was on my feet and in tears. I have never marked out that much for anything.
  14. Ziggler , punk , dbry , mysterio and...AJ :pity:
  15. HHH and DB mostly.
  16. Punk, Ambrose and Sandow.
  17. :dafuq:

    Is HHH still on the roster?
  18. AJ Lee, CM Punk, Chris Jericho (when he's around), and Kaitlyn
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