Which WWE wrestler has pulled his or her weight this year?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Thought I'd start this discussion. Which wrestler in the big E has pulled his or her weight really well this year so far? Reason for it being in the general section is so we can use both RAW and Smackdown talent.

    Personally: Daniel Bryan has pulled his weight best according to me with Dolph being a close second. Bryan grabbed the title off Show back in November/December after Show killed one of the best title runs in recent history and just ran with it. Bryan did all he could with that title to make it interesting considering his opposition, and boy did it work. He became insanely over, increased Smackdown ratings and went on to become one of the top heels in the company. After loosing the title he became even more insanely over and helped Legitimize Sheamus reign at Extreme Rules. Now he is bringing focus to the WWE title and putting on some great matches.

  2. I'd say D-Bry and Ziggler as you have tbh. Cant fault either of them always seem to put in 110%

    Strange one but I'd put Santino there as well as you know what u are gretting with him but he always gets a crowd going and puts effort into what he does and has had some good comedic moments this year.
  3. I'd say Bryan and Ziggler are indeed prime examples of guys who give their best every time they're out there.
  4. I can't think of one example besides Bryan and Ziggler. Pathetic, and a great example of why WWE slurps dong
  5. Bryan, Ziggler, and I think Beth is pulling a good amount since she is still in the title picture at least
  6. Tbh, if you don't include the last couple of months John Cena has pulled his weight superbly. CM Punk as well has had some classic matches. The top two in order would be Bryan and Ziggler.
  7. I still say as mid card Santino does a lot boys?
  8. No. He's a useless turd.
  9. I'm with Dolph, Santino just power walks and runs around with an oven glove on.
  10. He fills in the empty comedy spot on RAW that was wide open when Kurt Angle left. Then again when DX left. :win:
  11. I disagree with u guys on this I feel Santino does a lot for WWE despite me not liking him, he just has something that makes the mid card enjoyable at times!
  12. If WWE wanted a comedy mid card champion they had an over as hell champ in Ryder but decided to bury him with kane and randomly start pushing Santino for god knows what reason.

    I'm sure Ziggler felt really great about his epic rub being wasted after he put over Ryder and the entire thing was undermined by WWE's stupid ass random booking
  13. I could do without his shit comedy.
  14. Santino does what he's supposed to do. He's funny, he genuinely is funny. He's stupidly over because of how funny he is. If getting really over by shit booking and comedy segments = not impressive then I'm not sure what else he can do.

    I'm not a fan of the guy and certainly wouldn't have the midcard title built around him, but this isn't about opinion, it's about giving credit where it's due.
  15. Well I'm diasgreeing with my bro's as Santino to me brings something I dont desire but others do and I appreciate what he does however ZR should be above him and be the champ!
  16. Santino is not funny bro.
  17. yeah dolph'sto us he aint funny but kids remember? gotta agree to all demographics!
  18. Kids think he's hilarious though.
  19. I don't give a fuck about kids.
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