Which WWF/WWE twists fooled you the most?

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  1. We've all watched segments in WWF and WWE where they try their very best to fool you with the outcome. Which segments were you genuinely fooled by? For those who don't understand the question, a recent example was Henry's retirement where everyone was fooled (yes Kevin, even you) and he ended up destroying Cena in that very ring.

    So yeah, list some where you were fooled.
  2. Bryan and Bray Vs The Uso's. Didn't expect that, no one did.
  3. Anyone remember when Beth Phoenix sold her fake injury really well?
  4. Lol u srs? Not trying to sound like an arrogant dick, but as soon as they said it was a steel cage match I knew Bryan was turning because no Harper/Rowan.
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  5. Back when Malenko and Jericho were feuding in WCW, Jericho had beaten Malenko who was written off TV. Slamboree 1998 they have a cruisweight rumble to see who will face Jericho, and Malenko won it under a mask and when Jericho comes out to face him he took off the mask and I was like OOOOOOOOOOOOO SHIT!

    dat Malenko pop
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  6. Yeah of course :pity1:
  7. When Mike Adamle became GM. Weird, I know. But, who rwally saw it coming?
  8. Fucking SS 98. I should have seen it coming, but that Rock turn against Mankind in the final had me marking my tits off. I was such a huge Rock mark at the time, especially as a heel.
  9. Oh and obvs the HBK kicking Janetty through the barbershop window. I've mentioned that one a ton.
  10. I read the results before watching so I'm never caught out.
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  11. Yeah, me too. I don't think I've ever seen an event which I didn't know the results before hand.

    Although results can be surprising. Summerslam results were a tense read, hoping Bryan would win, and then he gets pedigreed and cashed in on - that was definitely a shock. I kind of knew a HHH heel turn would happen, but I didn't believe it till I saw it, err, read it.
  12. Henry's retirement speech was GOLD. He had me completely sold. As far back as I can think that is the last time I can remember being truly surprised while watching.
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  13. Yeah, The Rock becoming the Corporate Champion at Survivor Series 1998 took me by surprise. Also, Shane McMahon screwing Austin over the same night. Shane had only just appeared as a regular character on WWF TV a few weeks preceding that and was the guy responsible for signing Austin to a new contract after Vince fired him at Judgment Day 1998. Didn't expect to see him screw Austin over during the bout with Mankind.

    In a similar vein, Stephanie McMahon siding with Triple H at Armageddon 1999. Brilliant move and one that even ended up changing the future of the business (both on-screen but especially off) when you get down to it. Thanks Kevin Kelly (it was actually his idea.)

    Austin "selling his soul to the devil" (i.e. Vince) at Wrestlemania X-7. Didn't see that coming and for good reason - it didn't make a goddamn lick of sense. Didn't see Austin turning on his team and joining Alliance later in the year either. But I wasn't as much of a smark then. Nowadays, I would call Austin joining the Alliance almost immediately.

    The only thing shocking about Bryan turning on the Wyatts was that it happened after only two weeks. Who didn't know that would happen eventually?
  14. This due to the fact the big guy looked like hr had near genuine tears on his face. Really got suckered in by that one.
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  15. I remember watching that live. The roof blew off the arena.
  16. Stone Cold joining forces with Vince will forever be the most shocking moment to me. There have been other things more wild that have shocked me, like Mae Young going through a damn table. In terms of storyline though, it's SCSA for me.
  17. Kane joining the Authority has me pretty baffled still..

    TNA Shocker (just for fun): Aries Pretending to be Suicide to win the X-Division Championship was pretty crazy.
  18. Michaels super kicking Janetty was the first real surprise moment for me... I was really young. I also remember the Screwjob being kind of an "oh damn" kinda moment.

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