Whilst it wasn't his last match...

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  1. Should it have been? Of course I'm talking about HHH. The crowd were almost all dead, apart from some of the fans telling Brock to end hunters career. I saw no one caring about HHH, and it reminded me of HHH's fake retirement moment when the crowd were singing na na na na, goodbye. No one cares about him any more, it's as simple as that. Should this have been his last?
  2. I don't care if he still wants to wrestle, but if he thinks he needs to be winning matches he can fuck off.
  3. even though he won i don't think he is going to fight again
  4. I do think he has a role to play as a heel in the ring, or maybe someone who begins to put over new talent (:haha:), but I'm talking about the baby face cena-like HHH. He's gone over Punk and now Bork as a part-timer that no one cares about. Unlike The Rock, he literally gets no reaction.
  5. I don't care at all about a face HHH. Heel HHH, on the other hand, is something I wouldn't mind seeing. A new face could get over huge by beating HHH in a big PPV match.
  6. FUCK HHH! he should not have been ahead of Taker and punk matchs and that got 2 more min. then taker and punk! fuck hhh! it still al about him!
  7. I could see a heel GM HHH working out. Bringing out his hammer of justice, whenever someone pisses him off, he has two people hold down the wrestler and he hits him in the stomach with the sledgehammer and stuff like that. It would be interesting then this shitty Hunter we're getting right now. Honestly, I would rather he retire altogether.
  8. I don't think he should be wrestling but he could be put in power like GM or duo GM's him and Shawn.
  9. Yeah, Rock is better than HHH. Always has been, always will be.
  10. Heard someone recently mention he could be well served forming another Evolution. Let him play the Flair veteran role, stick a top guy like Orton in there, turn his buddy Sheamful back heel to be Batista, and have someone like Cody Rhodes in there to get a rub as well.

    Why not? The last one was a rousing success, but...
  11. I like the evolution idea but fuck those members lol.
  12. You aren't excited about "Hey, lets make Rhodes the new Orton" part 3?

    In hindsight, yeah boo. Keep Orton away from factions :eww:

    Maybe a heel Cena + heel HHH as part of a new Corporation? Or maybe a brand new idea that isn't a complete ripoff, that would be nice too.
  13. He needs to become a heel tader GM and fued with a tweener Punk. That fued was absolute gold and yet they just gave up on it and the potential HHH heel turn.
  14. Personally? Yes, he should hang up the towel and go join his friend shawn, and just be done with it. HHH used to be entertaining to watch, but he is just annoying and overused now, he wins when he shouldn't win, he's on tv when he shouldn't be, yet, he still steals the spotlight from right under superstars who deserve it. He needs to let the WWE have a future, and leave. He could come back maybe a few times a year, like Taker does, and maybe we wouldn't get so tired of him, but seeing him all the time? No thank you..

    Not the same Hunter I remember from the early 2000's, he's grown old, it seems as if he has no passion, he doesn't seem to have that sick, cerebral attitude anymore, and that's why the fans want nothing to do with him, he's become boring. HHH should have been kicking down doors, and taking names, not siding with Cena during the Cena/Punk feud, but you wanna know the real reason nobody likes him now? Because he's a sell out. Like Punk said, thats what he is, he is a phony, he used to be all about saying "FUCK THE SYSTEM!" but now? He's conformed to the system so he can stay around for as long as he can, so he can keep getting paid. He went from DX, to the Cerebral Assassin, to the one thing he despised for so long, being a corporate monkey, following the rules, and doing as what he is told to do. "You can't tell us what to do"? More like "You can tell me what to do as long as I get my airtime and money".
  15. Should turn heel and/or put new people over.
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