Whilst the WWE championship is the most prestigious

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Doesn't the "world champion" sound better? Inspired by a cringe segment in Dolph's thread in RAW, where Cole says "actually he's a 10 time WWE champion and a two time world champion" -- world champion sounds much nicer imo.

    Probably not thread worthy, but does anyone else agree with this?
  2. I actually like world champion better, but it would mean more if once a year every promotion had a tournament for the WORLD title.
  4. World Heavyweight Championship sounds better and even looks far better than the WWE Championship.
    For WWE Championship, you're the Champion of the WWE. For WHC, it's the world.
  5. Yea I wish they would swap it back around so the WHC was more prestigious and the "raw title". It looks better and sounds better
  6. I prefer the Term "Champion of Planet Earth" aka Intercontinental Champion!
  7. WWE > The World
  8. It sounds much better, you're right, I don't really know how is that the most prestigious title in WWE is the WWE championship and not the World Heavyweight championship... Such a stupid thing, you can add your company name to the title as TNA has done but don't make it more prestigious...
  9. undisputed wwe world champion sounds better or wwf champion
  10. WWE World Champion. Just adding in that word 'World' in between would solve all problems.

    The Big Gold Belt is definitely the most prestigious looking of all the world titles, but it is only the second most important title in the company these days. It's the modern day version of the Intercontinental Championship in that sense.
  11. You do know that they can't use the WWF anymore right?
  12. Yes lol
  13. Yes, that makes sense. Although having two world titles in the same company doesn't make a lot of sense.
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  14. Well WWE has world in it and it represents the company, so based on that WWE championship is where I stand. However if i knew nothing about WWE, I would assume the WHC would be the better of the belts based on just how it sounds.
  15. Similar to what other people have been saying, I think it sounds more prestigious to say that someone is World Champion. Saying someone is WWE Champion sets the confines to the company wheres World Champion literally implies that this champion is the best in the entire world.
  16. One would like to be a World Champion rather than the WWE Champion. World Champ is the champion of the world while WWE Champ is the champion of the Company. But the WHC always plays second fiddle to the WWE Title. Most of the PPVs this year, the WHC was the opening match. I am not saying that WHC should be the primary title, but atleast it should be equal to the WWE Title.

    Also, the WHC looks better than the WWE title.
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