Whitney Houston found dead.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by seabs, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. Legendary pop singer Whitney Houston was found dead Saturday at a Beverly Hills, California, hotel, officials said. She was 48.
    The entertainer, whose incredible talent was discovered at an early age, was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. (6:55 p.m. ET) at the Beverly Hilton hotel despite resuscitation efforts, a police spokesman said.
    Beverly Hills Police Lt. Mark Rosen said there were "no obvious signs of criminal intent" and that the cause of her death is being investigated.


    It's a loss to music that she's passed so young. I was never a huge fan but my parents are so I know a fair few of her songs.

    Examples of her music.

  2. In general someone who dies so early is sad.
  3. What a shock! Very sad news.

    R.I.P. Whitney
  4. Sad to hear this.

  5. I can't believe she's dead, well actually I can.
    The past years she's been ruined by drugs and I can't honestly say I didn't expect this, because it was just guaranteed.

    A sad loss to the music world.
  6. Oh, years of drug-abuse can actually kill you? Who knew.

    She made some pretty OK songs, but was hardly a humanitarian. Unless somebody has actually made the world a better place, or is personally/emotionally connected to me*, I find it pointless to mourn.

    * Granted this part can also contain an artist of which I admire (music or any other form of entertainment). But I simply never had a connection with Whitney Houston. Thousands of people die every hour, and not a tear shed by anyone, but apparently someone who sang a few good songs a few decades ago deserves more praise.
  7. God I agree too much.
  8. 'sang a few good songs'??? She is widely considered to have one of the greatest voices of all times

    It's eery that she died in the hotel where they were having pre-Grammy parties the same night. She had something like 7 straight #1 hits, which is unheard of

    I'm not saying you should mourn her if you don't want to, but let's not belittle her career
  9. Yet if a forcefully homeless man died no one would care.


    Her choice to do drugs, I had the same reaction when Amy Whinehouse died. I literally was thinking "At least it's another example we can give to drug users" Only people I feel sad for ever is their families.
  10. In this case, excluding Bobby Brown.
  11. I didn't disagree with you not caring that she died did I? All I said was you were making it out like she was a flash in the pan singer who had 3 good songs. She was a legend who is considered by many the greatest signer of all time

    If Michael Jordan died and someone said 'Why should I care just because he made a few shots in the NBA?' I'd correct them on Jordan's greatness just the same
  12. I never said she made a few good songs... quoting the wrong person bud.
  13. well you quoted his post and said you couldn't agree more...
  14. I didn't care for her music.
    Nevertheless, R.I.P
  15. With his point about media fuss and her bringing it on herself. I couldn't give a crap if she has a good voice. It doesn't fill 10% of my care cup.
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