Who Actually Wants To See Bray Wyatt Vs. The Undertaker?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. I think I read Lockard's post in which he stated that it'd be stupid to have The Undertaker lose two Wrestlemania's back to back. (Something along those lines)

    And with rumors flowing that Bray Wyatt might face the Undertaker, does anyone actually want to see it? First off let me say, they have booked Bray Wyatt so poorly. Since he debuted on the main roster, they made him look weak. If you guys don't remember, his first feud was with Kane and he had the Wyatt Family interfere in his first inferno match. Then he had his match with John Cena in which he lost again and looked weak in the process once again. Then he lost to Jericho and barely gained any credibility at that point. Now he's been feuding with Ambrose and he hasn't exactly looked strong in this feud either.

    Why does WWE think we'll be invested in The Undertaker Vs. Bray Wyatt whatsoever? He's lost so many times and all he has to him is his repetitive promos, which aren't even bad. But that's all he has to him. I think at this point, the only Undertaker match we want to see is with Sting.
  2. There have been rumors about the WWE keeping Bray strong in his matches against Ambrose, 'cause they're saving him for Taker.

    Honestly, Taker should retire. He should've retired after he was 20-0, in my honest opinion.

    So, with the Streak being broken for the good cause of the WWE Network, which we can get for just 9.99, but won't anyway, Taker performing at Mania doesn't really seem like a special attraction anymore, at least not in my book. I love Taker, he's a legend and has done it all, but think of this man's health, WWE! FFS.
  3. He hasn't looked strong against Ambrose whatsoever. lmao
    No one wants to see this garbage feud. Sorry Bray, but I've lost all interest in you.
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  4. But, in WWE's mind he has. That's all that matters. lol

    I mean, fuck this world where John Cena is still relevant.

    I haven't lost interest in Wyatt and I've actually been loving this Ambrose/Wyatt feud, despite some of the silly decisions regarding the match finishes. I just don't wanna see him feuding with Taker.
  5. Bray Wyatt vs Undertaker could be great if it's done right. As of right now it sounds interesting to me.
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  6. That's what it was said about Lesnar/Taker last year, and look how the build-up to their match at Mania was poorly executed. The match itself, was nothing special in my opinion.

    With the Streak broken, I really have very little interest in seeing him perform again.
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  7. No. They've killed Wyatt and Taker has already lost. No point for me.
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  8. Cena killed Wyatt. Shocker.

    Also, they're really keeping Wyatt strong in this feud with Ambrose, I mean he's winning matches by TV screen blowing up in people's faces and with kendo sticks shoved down somebody's throat/eyes. That's just grand.
  9. Yeah, this feud has been really bad.
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  10. Honestly, I've been loving this feud from the get-go, despite some of the silly decisions regarding the match finishes.
  11. Really? For me the only good thing was the beginning. The promos have been OK mostly, but there was some stupid stuff. Ambrose getting his throat crushed on SD to be fine two days later on Raw, the finish to the first match, the finish to the second match and the finish to the third match.
  12. Yeah. The beginning was the best, sure. The rest of it could've been better, but we've seen worse.

    You're right about Ambrose getting his throat crushed and showing up on RAW two days later, cutting a promo in a normal voice. Silly idea all the way.

    The finish to the first match was just Wyatt testing Ambrose, much like what he did to Cena at WM 30. So, Ambrose being unhinged as he is, he didn't give a single fuck and hit Wyatt anyway.

    Yeah, the finishes to the second and the third match... Well, let's just not go there. :facepalm:
  13. The finish to the first match just felt kinda dumb. Yeah, I did like that Ambrose did the opposite of what Cena did but it just felt like them stretching the feud out, at that point in the match I didn't feel like Ambrose should have just gotten DQed. Guess they could've worked it into the match a bit better. But it's just sad to see what Wyatt has gotten to at this point. Last year he was so over.
  14. Agreed. But it is what it is now, I guess.

    Everyone's over till they catch Cena-itis at some point. When they do, they're screwed.

    Anyways, what are your thoughts on Ambrose vs Wyatt in an Ambulance match this Monday on RAW? It's said to be their 'last' match, they're gonna settle it there.
    I mean, Ambrose and Wyatt have said it, doesn't mean it's really going to be their last match.

    I think I've read rumors on how the WWE are keeping Wyatt strong in this feud with Ambrose (Yeah, right) 'cause they're saving him for Taker. I wouldn't be shocked if Wyatt went over.
  15. It will be fine action, I believe Ambrose will win. But I don't care about this feud one bit anymore. This *seems* like a final match, you never know if they get a SD rematch or whatever but I guess it'll end it.
  16. Yeah, I kinda believe they'll 'end' it on RAW, too.
  17. I'm a fan of both and would usually be up for seeing it, but Bray would have to go over & I'm not OK w/ Taker losing @ WM again. One time is fine, but no more
  18. Yeah. Everyone should meet in the middle and agree Taker should hang it up.
  19. Repackage Wyatt, gotta do something to make him interesting again. Gotta re-think what you're doing with the character, there's a reason almost all of his feuds have been so bad and people seem to be forcing interest in him.
  20. I mean, how many times could he be repackaged? It'd kinda affect the character in a bad way.

    After this feud with Ambrose, I have no idea who he'll be feuding next. Unless they're planning on to reunite the family.
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