Who are some of these guys?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by RadicalOneO, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. Been trying to get a feel of the room, reading past posts and such

    I'll ask, straight up, who are these cats?



    Respect Gohan6425 (The avatar is sick)

    HeatherSays (Like that avatar too)

    Mamma Mia Kia


    Anonymous (no profile)


    Goldberg (is that really him or some poser?)

    Shame list is so long, I haven't these guys and they stand out for different reasons.
  2. Dolph'sZiggler - Old user, doesn't post as much now due to lack of interest in wrestling (or current wrestling). legend around here.

    Seabs - Another legend around here, our first active user. Comes on quite a bit still.

    Respect Gohan - Accidentally the funniest user here.

    Heather - Left

    Kia Kia - Left for real life reasons, really nice.

    Blank - My sister, helps develop and fix things here.

    Anonymous - In the army, developed many things here.

    Solidus - Also helps us develop/maintain things. Wrestling fan. Currently hosts us.

    Goldberg - Some "poser", but played the gimmick well. Left now.
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  3. :finger: For not including me.
  4. I didn't know Blank was your sister. :shock:

    But that's awesome. She's awesome.
  5. I miss those girls. If all are here we (Kia, Heather, Arianna, Brit, Jenn, BrockLesnarFanForLife, and I) are ruling the forums ATM.

    Buttering Heather though. :emoji_slight_smile:) She's currently rocking Tumblr.

  6. Heather lurks the last time I checked
  7. Heather lurks all day err day!
  8. Appreciate the info... hope they come back at some point

    After reading some of their posts, your assessment seems pretty spot on, Crayo
  9. :notsure: If stalking or just curious
  10. LOL, for some reason I thought you were an oldfag Radical.
  11. Public info dude... available for everyone. Trolling because you can doesn't make you cool


    Remind me how this is funny and warrants an LOL
  12. oldfag is an interenet term for old users, he doesn't mean literally that you're an old fagg**

    Users who have been here a while basically. I call Seabs and stuff oldfags all the time, I'm the oldestfag here lol.
  13. I was trolli-- I mean yeah! I was trolling! Trolololololololo
  14. Got it. For the record, I was here before so he would technically be correct
  15. Bring. back. HEATHER! :emoji_slight_smile:)


    Message her on Tumblr. All you need is to enter your e-mail! No need to sign up! Encourage her to come back! :[[
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  16. /me has her skype
  17. She's online.
    And for some reason Radical took what I said the wrong way. :willis:
  18. /me knows that she doesn't use that aanymore


    Directed her in this thread. :emoji_slight_smile:) I know I'm awesome. :maybe:
  19. /me doesn't give a fuck

    The irony of two punks in this thread :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk: :pity:
  20. Farooq Punk - :sad:
    Me - :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk: :pity:
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