Who are the best commentators in wrestling?

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Stopspot, Oct 31, 2014.

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    Stemming from me and CM Bryan's discussion over in the Lucha Underground thread. What makes a good commentator for wrestling in your opinion? And who is the best one/ones currently in the game?

    I am partisan to Michael Cole myself. He's pretty watered down nowadays but he has proven on multiple occasions that he is the right choice to take over from JR. When Cole is allowed to direct his own traffic he can be really really good.

    Who's your pick?

    (BTW, I worked this the same way as I did with the old best promotion so far this year thread, there will be re-directs in the major wrestling sections leading to here.)
  2. I personally don't really have a favorite at the moment.

    JR if we are talking all time though.

    And just to re-iterate - I hate Micheal Cole. Tom Philips > :troll:
  3. If we're just going by preference then Kevin Kelly and Excalibur would be my top two guys currently. JBL can be a decent heel commentator as well, but he's watered down now and days compared to when he first started on Smackdown. Specifically, he seems to have a hard time keeping up his act at points when he ought to be his worst.
  4. For me all time is JR, but currently it's Michael Cole.
  5. All time=JR, he would make matches better by drawing you in,storytelling at is best. His work on that Infamous Mankind hell in a cell match made you care and root for Foley.
    Honourable mention to Joey styles, great knowledge, funny and the "oh my god"
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  6. I also loved how he would actually tell you what the move is instead of shit like 'Vintage Orton'
  7. As far as individual commentators go, JR was easily the best. He called the action with such passion and zeal that he could make you suspend disbelief better than anyone else could and make the whole business seem legit. Just listen to him call the Taker/Mankind HIAC match and you'll see why he's easily the greatest wrestling commentator that ever lived.
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  8. :jbl:
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  9. Kevin Kelly.
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  10. No one can beat Chuckie T's guest commentary though.
  11. Chuckie's match against Gargano at BOLA this year was one of the most entertaining matches I've seen in a while. Still would've preferred if he was a little bit longer on guest commentary during his match with Johnny. lol
  12. Good Ol' Jim Ross for sure.
    JR was announcing on RAW is WAR when I began watching wrestling. His commentating was always great, and I often found myself jumping to my feet when something incited his patented,
    "Oh Mah Gawd!"
  13. I actually really like Kevin Kelly, he does a fantastic job with explaining to you everything that's going on in the match while adding some entertainment and excitement to the show. Rich Brennan and Tensai are also very good for the same reasons.

    There's good commentators inside all three guys on Raw, we just don't hear them enough.
  14. Titus O'Neil's guest commentary is great.
  15. Why isn't this in the wrestling section?
  16. Read the OP bro.
    There are re-directs in every major wrestling section. But since this involves wrestling over all, and not just WWE, they all re-direct here. Neutral ground
  17. Jerry "THE KING" Lawler point blank
  18. [QUOT]="u_cant_c_me, post: 917338, member: 6931"]Jerry "THE KING" Lawler point blank[/QUOTE]
    What Is funny @C.M. Bryan
  19. What's funny is you saying that Lawler is the best commentator in all of wrestling. Can't tell if you were serious or ridiculously sarcastic. lol
  20. Well he is a good one because he stands up to Michael Cole and he is good on the Mic
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