Who are the best promo guys on the independent scene atm?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Crayo, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. I always think with the direction modern professional wrestling (mainstream anyway) is that mic skills are becoming more and more important, and I'm wanting to know who the hot kids are in town at the moment. Who are some of the great promo-cutters? There are a LOT of fantastic wrestlers on the independent scene, but how many real star quality talkers are there?
  2. [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1hBn5oGfnk[/video]

    Place weiner in hand

  3. Steen delivers almost constantly on a very very very high level.

    Seabs already covered Sami so I am skipping that.

    Gargano can maybe not be counted the best but he easily in the top 15 right now. He has grown leaps and bounds on the stick since becoming champion (and having to talk) so I think he can still improve a fair bit. He has not had a bad promo since becoming champ, some have not been excellent but all have been good - very good.

    Martini is very underrated in my opinion. Definitely a high class talker, which is why he works so well as a manager for bad speakers like Elgin.

    While not an active wrestler anymore Nigel is still active as the ROH Matchmaker on screen. His promos are top class.
  4. Was gonna post Johnny but couldn't find the promo I wanted. Also Nigel would be a great GM, he was in a similar role for Xplosion I think for a while.


    Cole is madly confident on the stick

    Taylor needs a mention not one of the greats but he's quirky


    Slapping babies and punching Grandmas in the mouth :obama:
  5. Archibald Peck (RD Evans in ROH) is also pretty damn solid on the stick.
  6. Nice replies so far, thanks for those.

    Wasn't he partnered with Moxley at one point?
  7. Possibly at one point, something to do with CZW.


    Crayo is such a smark

    Also just cos

  8. Was gonna choose Sami and Kevin Steen :okay: and yes Sami and Moxley were a tag team before in CZW where of course Seabs beat me at....again.
  9. Yes. Tag teamed for a while.
  10. Yeah I've seen many of their promos because of my fanboyism. I was hoping someone was going to post him, because my next post was going to be "Who was the small guy partnered with Moxley for a while who seemed awesome on the mic?". Glad I got his name.
  11. The Briscoes aren't bad either


    I dig the Bucks too


    Especially Matt
  12. He had a wwe tryout in January actually. If he gets signed we could see them in a wwe ring.
  13. Cosmetically pleasing is one of my fav Briscoe promos.
  14. Terry Funk doesn't wear a mouth piece :dawg: also redneck Kung Fu rules.
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