Who are the future babyfaces in the WWE?

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  1. We have Cena and to some degree Sheamus and Orton, but behind that there doesn't seem to be much main-event potential on the babyface side. Maybe Riley or Ryback, but we'll see.

    So the question is simple: Who's the next crop of babyfaces to go through the "WWE Machine".
  2. Sheamus
  3. I'll say Miz because of the energy he brings. Gotta love that energy!
  4. The Miz, Rollins,
  5. Ambrose, Hiro, and Rollins.
  6. Well they're starting to push cody rhodes in that direction. Daniel Bryan ain't exactly what I'd consider a heel. Kofi Kingston is definitely one. We'd be nieve to think Ziggler will stay face his entire career. Tyson Kidd as well, he's starting to move up the ranks
  7. Alex Riley!
  8. Possibly if WWE don't screw him up.
  9. they already screwed him up :((
  10. He's still young, he's got plenty of time.
  11. hes 31 :upset: its not that young
  12. Sheamus debuted around 31 years old. & Look how far he's come.
  13. :mog: youre right.

    i think theyre creating stars who are too old :finger: they need to be in their mid 20's so they can help carry the company for a long time.
  14. You mean like Drew McIntyre. :obama:
  15. and rhodes
  16. The thing is with WWE, Talent seem's to retire around 40 years old, so people like Riley (31), Rhodes (27), McIntyre (27), Hawkins (27), Sandow (30), Slater (29), Swagger (30) Ted DiBiase, Jr (29), Trent Barreta (29), Zack Ryder (29) All have a long time ahead of them.
  17. Most wrestlers hit their prime within that 35-40 year mark. It's not really a problem that they are pushing guys who are in their early 30's or pushing it.

    As for the topic, Ryback would probably be my choice. He stands out among the new(er) wrestlers today because you don't see a lot of jacked up guys like him anymore. Compare him to most of the other newer guys to see my point. Plus, Vince is high on him and convinced he will be the next big star, so they will continue to push him until he gets over. If what I hear is correct (I can't be bothered to watch Raw or especially SD anymore), Ryback is already getting a lot of cheers and the Goldberg chants are slowly disappearing. The two things that make people stars is charisma/personality combined with a marketable look. Ryback has the latter, I just hope he has the former, but I've never heard him speak on the mic.
  18. Nice post KL23, Ryback is okay on the mic, he's spoken a couple of times. Still needs work but he's good.
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