Who are the most talentless wrestlers to get pushed?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. My list would include:



  2. Anyone remember Vladimir Koslov's unbeaten streak, when he was actually percieved as a viable threat to the title?

    Yeah, me neither.
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  3. I agree with those two and I would like to add

  4. The Not So Great Khali

  5. How could I forget Khali and Hornswoggle
  6. Warrior is always mentioned in these lists, he was madly charismatic though is that a talent? Not sure why Goldberg has been mentioned though, his limitations are well known but his athletic ability alone puts him above Khali for instance.
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  7. Khali will always be first in my eyes.

    In terms of in ring and mic skills, Goldberg, Ultimate Warrior, Hornswoggle, and Vince Russo.
  8. Mason Ryan when he was pushed as a part of New Nexus for 2 weeks.
  9. FANDANGO!!how could they let him beat y2j ON WM29 at his DEBUT??
  10. Because Fandango is a talented wrestler?

    He's not the greatest of all time but he is far from being as talentless as Khali or any one else of his ilk.
  11. Rapist Bo is a rapist.
  12. At WM he got the crap beaten out of him..He just countered out of the Walls at the last moment and did a quick cover..And if you remember,he almost felt uncunsious at ER,so yes,in my eyes this guy is untalented..On a WWE level,not in a wrestling level.
  13. Because he is booked like that. The basis of his character at the time was that he refused to wrestle, which lead to the fans chanting "you can't wrestle" in an attempt to goad him into wrestling. When they got to the mania match they booked Jericho as dominant for large parts of it since Jericho is a 20+ year veteran of the business. It was a way to get Fandango over and to build heat for him.
  14. I'd go with "Great" Khali. I can't really think of anyone else that never deserved a title.
  15. I assume we're talking about in-ring skills, otherwise some of these names wouldn't be listed. But I'm going with people who also might just be missing one or more of the important fundamentals to get over (look, aura, charisma, etc.), yet still got a push anyway. Going by ring work alone, I'd be sitting here listing names all day (Hogan, Andre, Yokozuna, Nash, Goldberg, Warrior, etc.)

    I'll also go with The Great Khali. He was seen as a special attraction overseas in India or wherever, but otherwise, I don't think anyone truly cared about him, not enough to get a feud with Cena, Undertaker, Batista and a WHC win. I somewhat get why he was given the WHC since he served as a big guy for Batista to come in and destroy to get the gold back, but still. He's like a modern day version of Giant Gonzales, only Khali stuck around longer even than the previous incarnation did. Speaking of who, put the Giant Gonzales up as well. But at least he didn't stick around too long (though JR and others said he was a underachiever on one of the Legends Of Wrestling episodes.) These guys lack the same Big Man Aura that guys like Andre had, probably because they both look like overly tall Neanderthals that crawled out from the cave man days or something.

    Jack Swagger I'd name as well. He probably fits the bill as far as Least Over Wrestler To Get A Push because most have never seemed to care about him and he won the WHC in 2010 and was just recently pushed back to a WHC match at Wrestlemania. Something tells me JR's influence helped him get a push since JR has always loved the guy. Not bad ring work-wise, but not particularly spectacular and as much of a charisma vacuum as a person could be.
  16. It's not just about in ring skills. It's all around wrestling talent. As for your list of guys without in ring talent, Andre was the man earlier in his career (pre-Wrestlemania years). Hogan had fine wrestling skills all things considered, Vince just put the training wheels on and refused to let him venture away from his match script. Yokozuna was boring and had no stamina but he wasn't a complete sloth for having the incredible look he had. Nash, Goldberg and Warrior all had charisma and presence to make up for a lack of technical wrestling ability.
  17. Swagger has no talent Kevin? Huh? The guy is a great wrestler. Also, rewatch his reign in 2010, the guy was a heat magnet. Whether it was for the wrong reasons or not (fucksucking on the mic for instance) he was a really over heel.
  18. Warrior was too entertaining to be considered talentless (even though he had some awful matches) And Jack Swagger is one hell of a wrestler in the ring but lacks promo abilities, but as we are finding out now, he gets significantly more credibility with zeb as his mouthpiece.

  19. In that case, I wouldn't agree with Luger being listed. Sure, his mic skills were probably on the level of a Bret Hart, but he had the look and was quite mobile in the ring for someone his size. Plus, he had a pretty cool finisher in both companies - the running forearm in WWF (same finisher Hogan used in New Japan - wonder if that was done purposefully since Luger's character's push copied Hogan in a couple of ways) and the torture rack in NWA/WCW. He was a choker in WWF but that's possibly more the fault of the booking (not having him win the title at Summerslam '93) than Luger. He was a huge baby face for a time in WCW. I always liked him and thought he should have ended up being more in either or both companies.

    I said myself he wasn't bad in the ring but he's boring and bland otherwise. Ring skills aren't enough to get me to like you when you have little to nothing else unless you're just absolutely amazing between the ropes, and like I said, he isn't. I used to say the same about Del Rio (and probably still would) and people's defense was the exact same, yet funny how most here thought their match with each other at ER sucked.

    I don't remember Swagger being a heat magnet at all in 2010. I remember reports saying that WWE didn't think he got as over as they intended him to with the title win, which is why his reign was cut short.

    I'd also like to name one other guy - Mabel, or should I say King Mabel. He was large and fat and never had a good match except against Benoit on Raw years later when he was Viscera. Might have had a decent couple of hardcore matches when the hardcore division was around. Otherwise, he sucked, yet won the 1995 KOTR and got a world title match with Diesel and was highlighted in a few more spots at some of the very first In Your House events.
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