Who Are You Pulling For To Win The NXT...

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Butters!, May 10, 2014.

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  1. Women's Championship Tournament?
    So far the ladies that have advanced within the tournament are Natayla, Sasha Banks, Charlotte & Alexa Bliss. My predication to win this is Charlotte.

    Who do you want to win, And who do you think will win?​
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  2. Sasha for me. Charlotte is still a bit green for me. Plus with Sasha being the lead if the BFF's now it makes more sense.
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  3. Alexa Bliss mmm she's a little cutie :emoji_wink:
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  4. Wasn't Alexa going to be a redneck girl? I remember seeing some of those promo classes where she worked a different gimmick.
  5. Er, I read the spoilers already, so I can't say much. However, I would want Banks to win it.
  6. If she was I'm glad they didn't go that route, could find a way better chick for that kind of gimmick.
  7. Charlotte all the way man
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  8. Must say this has been a great little tournament and showcased the quality of the NXT divas nicely.
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  9. Really Natty vs Charolette; they couldn't've made it anymore obvious; would've preferred two actual NXT Divas duking it out out but I guess why not showcase Charolette's "talents" against a vet like Natty.. idk best of both worlds I suppose.
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  10. Natalya, Tyson Kidd is being pushed to the NXT Title, Natalya won her match and is now going against Sasha, unless they plan on spliting up a great diva team of Charlotte and Sasha, which I doubt will happen, Natalya is going over to take on Charlotte and Natalya will win
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  11. I was with my fellow bliss fan sharpy, shame she had lost to Charlotte, However my prediction is going far!
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  12. Idk if they will give TK & Natty the titles; pretty sure they're going to stick with Adrian and then go to Charolette; I'm thinking they are just trying to get their developmentals to get a decent push going against veterans.

    I may be wrong but I really don't want to see two vets like Tyson Kidd & Natty holding NXT belts =P
  13. It seems better to me to have a development go over a veteran with the title rather than go over veterans who are at the bottom of their respective divisions, both used as enhancement talent, why not get them a small push on NXT, hold the titles and have the development stars go over them, making the win a lot bigger if say Charlotte wins over Natalya and Sami Zayn beats Tyson Kidd if they went that way.

    Plus they want to bring Sami Zayn up, that would be the way to go to get him the belt
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  14. Well if they want to bring Sami Zayn up there's no reason to give him the belt unfortunately because then that would mean his reign is going to be short which is not what you want to do even if it is in a "different universe" than the main roster. Sami has done enough with his time in the developmentals and indies to prove he can be an effective Main Roster superstar, even without an NXT title under his belt.

    Your idea is not bad though and could very well happen; looks like we'll have to wait until the 29th to see =P
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