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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by edge4ever, May 26, 2015.

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  1. In a very brief post, please simply describe who you are. It can be how others view you or how you view you. The only thing that I ask is that you be honest and sincere. I'm all for joking and poking fun, but I'm also curious as to what makes you who you are. So, please explain.

    I, figured I might as well start, can be very egotistical. Yet, I'm also very caring and feel others pain. I take pride in my accomplishments. I am also very outspoken. It doesn't take much for me to say what's on my mind.

    I had a rough childhood and idk how I survived. I feel it made me stronger, however. I often reflect on my past to help me achieve my future.

    I'm an asshole at times. I enjoy trying to be the "best" (whatever that means), but I also enjoy a little humility.

    I have been working out since I was 8 and wouldn't mind stepping into a WWE ring as that's always been my dream. I've told myself that if I did ever make it, I'd never forget who got me there, which is the fans. I'd always have respect for them even if I was booed.

    That's just an example but all true. Please share!
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  2. One of my favorite Who songs
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  3. Not what I was looking for but at least you posted! That is my favorite who song.
  4. My girlfriend once compared me to The Shockmaster because I stumbled over a stool that my sister used to get to a cabinet when I was getting food one Thanksgiving
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  5. I'm like the Greek Goddess Athena. I'm fond of being alone, though I value my friends. Most of the time I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots. Oh and I'm a faggot.
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  6. Hello I'm Marc and I'm a Alcoholic. *pftt not even old enough to drink*

    Seriously I am a person that plays video games, watches TV and only gets social interaction via a forum.
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  7. Sums me up as well.
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  8. I'm already a faggot Kaz.
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  9. The world calls for faggots, and we answer... No greater good... No just cause.
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  10. I've always been a faggot. Been born with it.
  11. Some douchebag who no one gies a fugg about
  12. I'm just a normal dude who has been blessed beyond belief.

    A family man who can't wait to find that right woman to settle down and start a family. I love the normal things a typical guy does and some atypical things as well. I speak my mind without a thought of the consequences most of the time, this is a good thing at times and a fault at other times. Self image is a slight problem for me, self confidence is as well.. but I don't let them 100% disable me. I consider myself very intelligent with a vocabulary much larger than the norm. I don't hide my feelings and I am not ashamed to cry if it is called for, I do not believe it diminishes masculinity it any way whatsoever. I'm somewhat of a loner, an introvert... but I can and will deal with people if need be.

    Reading all this back, perhaps I'm not completely normal.. but I'm definitely Just Kevin.
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  13. Yeah ban him for this pun.
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  14. I'm sarcastic, opinionated, intellectually snobby, and generally feel like I'm surrounded by complete idiots much of the time. I also don't mind the arrogance in saying I'm one of the most intelligent beings roaming the planet (although I feel this is at least partially a by-product of what I stated at the end of my previous sentence.)
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  15. Rubberband man, wild as the Taliban.
  16. Hmmm....

    I am not your typical female, and I can't stand girly girls. They really grate on my nerves. I also can't stand it when people are materialistic and/or superficial. I'm a very family-oriented person, although I'm not sure if I'll ever have a little family myself. I've always been a "daddy's girl" and always enjoyed going fishing with my dad, who helped instill in me a love for nature. I can be rather shy, quiet, and reserved around people I don't know. I'm also an observer and people-watcher, so I'm content sitting quietly and just watching what's going on around me. I show different parts of myself to different people as I get to know them. I value quality friendships over quantity, and out of the handful or less of close friends I have, one is basically my soul mate friend. She's about the only person I feel comfortable being 100% myself with/around, and we get each other like no one else. I have major trust issues. It can take a long time, even years, before I more or less fully open up with someone and am completely myself around them, and even then it's only if I feel completely comfortable with the person. I'm the type who doesn't like to draw attention to myself. At all. I'm very sarcastic. I'm serious as needed, and otherwise I can be silly and cut up. I'm basically a big kid. I've literally never cared what people thought of me (my mom has verified this, haha). I'm very introverted but can be somewhat social when needed. But I prefer small groups to big ones. I'm the complete opposite of egotistical. I'm modest, and even stating that makes me feel like I'm patting myself on the back. Therefore, I don't think much about myself or say too many good things about myself (unless I'm being sarcastic). However, I can say that others have said I'm one of the most selfless people they know. I'm also very logical. One of my guy friends had given my ex a head's up back when we were dating by telling him that while most women are emotional types, I was the most logical woman he'd ever met. I broke myself of crying several years ago, so I don't cry around others and very seldom cry even when alone. (To the point that one time, the soul mate friend of mine saw me starting to shed a couple of fought-back tears, and she started freaking out.) But it doesn't bother me if other people cry, and I don't view it as a sign of weakness in others. I'm very stubborn and independent. I can get ticked off if I have to depend on someone else to do something. And to that end, I also don't like to appear weak in front of others (including physically). I'm very sentimental. I'm still not 100% sure what color my eyes are, so I maintain that they're brown. I can be quite anal retentive about some things. I can also be rather wordy and long-winded. :otunga:
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  17. tl;dr

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  18. Here I'll right a post about myself. Not to contribute to the thread or make anybody care about me, but for two reasons. One I'm trying not to sleep even though I should. Two, to rack up them likes. That's all this site is about baby...

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    As a kid I was carefree and trusting. I loved to talk to everyone and I loved being around family. Especially my great-grandfather, since he was the only person who actually took care of me a lot, as well as one of the two people who enjoyed having me around. I also enjoyed dogs, loved being around them and stuff. In time some of these things changed. When my great-grandfather died I took it very hard and I began to distant myself from people in some ways. I still loved to be around my parents, even though they were divorced. I had a time where my friend wanted me to pet his dog, I brought my hand near and the dog nearly ripped apart my hand. After that I grew distant from animals and gained a fear for them. Around after this time my mom got remarried, and then the traveling began.

    Went to Virginia, and nothing really changed about me there. After Virginia, I went back to California, and again remained the same. I was still happy, loving to talk to people, trustworthy and stuff. I really enjoyed video games, I believe at this time I owned the Nintendo 64, Gamecube, PS2, GBA and Xbox. Moving to New Orleans and spending my time there, it probably damaged me more than anything. I learned that you can't trust people, I began to slowly dislike talking to people and I began to become socially awkward as I grew older. By the time I left, due to all the bullying and other negative experiences, looking back I was a shell of my former self. I still enjoyed video games, walking and other activities I do alone, but lost my touch of talking with people. I wasn't exactly happy anymore, I just felt... there. Although my love for animals did grow back slowly. My time there also exposed my sexuality.

    Going to Texas didn't change much. Being part of a Church I did assume that I had plenty of friends, and though I can trust people. Leaving though, it was clear if I didn't "pay the Lord" then there wasn't any people I could trust. Well, there are still a few people that I did trust from there and we still talk. The experiences of what felt like a cult(and probably was) did open my mind to religion, and just humanity in general. Leaving Texas I left my faith for Christianity there, and became more open minded and accepting to people of different faith. I also became accepting to my own bisexuality. It also made me lean towards gender operation surgeries when I heard of them.

    Coming back to California, I began to reclaim some of my social skills. I made a few friends here, but they were worthwhile friends whom I have lots of trust for. I've gained the activity of listening to music, began to claim an interest in working on the car I use and became open to more people in general. I also began to open my mind towards certain things. In the end of everything, I can say this. I am a person who enjoys listening to music, playing video games, hanging out with friends and trying to help people with their problems. My thoughts on religion remain open to those who don't try to force it. I'm a judgmental person, but I believe in giving everyone a chance, and even a second try. Aside from all the joking I do, I don't take pride in my race or sexuality. I believe I was born with these things, there's no reason to take pride in something I didn't choose. I tend to be laid back, not really getting mad at many things. Though because of this, I tend to have to push myself a bit for stuff I want. I like to make people smile and laugh, especially my family and friends. I don't fear death, but see it as a part of life. I'm critical on the shows, movies and games I love. I'm still pulling to be a female sometime, though not ashamed of being a male. I'm someone who is cautious on their looks, and enjoys being called beautiful. I guess in the end I'm just fucking crazy and abnormal. I like it though, I have Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa at this end. Abnormal is pretty fun and stuff.

    Short version:
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  19. I'm a guy about to graduate from High School, championship Cross Country runner and Track Distance runner, appreciate metalcore, pop punk, grunge, emo, & metal, had a rough few past years in the fam.
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  20. :lol1: My short, joking answer was going to be, "I'm only human, of flesh and blood I'm made. Human, born to make mistakes."
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