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*After the advertisement break we are being shown Yuri Black standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone in his hand whilst looking at the crowd waiting for them to settle down so he can speak his mind. After a good 30 seconds Yuri begins to speak*

Yuri Black: As you all know I have a lot to talk about. Last week wasn't the greatest week for Yuri Black so if you guys missed it, I'll inform you on what happened. So as we know 2 weeks ago I became the "Golden Opportunity" winner which classified me as the number one contender for the Unified Precision Championship. Until I was then informed I had to again fight another superstar the night after to be classified as the "real" number one contender. Now I've had my fair share of thoughts about this on the podcast last week and don't want to bore you by repeating myself. So last week on Precision I was facing Spencer Hyde, a main event match that people were going to remember. 15 minutes of pain, 15 minutes of sweat. We both gave it our all until.... Well until he beat me and became number one contender. It shocked me as much as it shocked you. In fact it broke my heart knowing after all the work I put in at Duality for it to crash down the next day.

*The crowd begin to have Yuri's back and chant "We love Yuri!. Black lowers his microphone and soaks in all the love he is getting by his fans as he then raises his hand signalling to speak*

Yuri Black: You know what you guys, you've been behind me for so long through thick and thin, after injuries I've came back and still got your love and I respect you all for that. But now we move on to the next part of the story...

*The crowd begin to boo knowing what Yuri is about to talk about*

Yuri Black: Last week after the match I wanted to address you all an apology, getting your hopes up and saying Black is back and better than ever. As I walked down that ramp I was attacked from behind. Attacked from behind by a guy no one even knows.

*The crowd begin to chant "Who Are Ya!"

Yuri Black: Yes that's a good question to ask.... but sorry who are you?

*As the fans begin to chant everyone is then been put in silent by the voice of someone unknown of where it's coming from, only until the titan-tron screen shows the face of Austin Cruz sitting down in a chair with a smile on his face whilst the crowd inflow with boo's.*

Austin Cruz: Who am I? You know that's real cute coming from you guys, especially you, Yuri. I'm Austin Cruz! I'm the one who put Yuri in his place.... on the floor!

*The crowd begin to boo*

Austin Cruz: You may not have heard of me, but don't think I'm not a threat to this company, I wasn't signed to this company for no reason now was I? But back to the main problem. Yuri, how's your head after it bounced of that ramp? I can't see from here.

Yuri Black: Oh you can't see from here!? How about you come down here and get a closer look, that's if you are able to visually see by the time you get through the ropes.

Austin Cruz: Oh you'd like that wouldn't you, redemption at it's finest for Yuri Black to get his hands on "The Greatest Of All Time" Austin Cruz. You see Yuri, the reason to why my actions lead me to do this to you is well... Your time is up. You've been in this company, heck you've been wrestling for too long and you still haven't realized that you can't make it to the top even after all these chances you've been given. I thought after your head bounced of that ramp it might have given you some sort of sense. It's time to hang up your boots Yuri, look at yourself, think about all these chances you blew, fans you've let down.


*The crowd begin to cheer at the aggression coming out of Yuri. Yuri inhales and continues to speak*

Yuri Black: You know Cruz, you're right, you are. I've not made it to the top, I've blew the chances I have been given and I've let my fans down. But here is how I'm going to prove you wrong. You think I, Yuri Black am going to let you get away with what you have started? You see Cruz, a few hours ago I was in contact with the GM Trent Kingsley. Now still being the "Golden Opportunity" winner I was still left with a reward, that reward is to be placed in a one on one match against whoever I choose for the vacated Survival Championship!

*The crowd begin to roar with cheers*

Yuri Black: So, I spoke to Trent on who I wanted my opponent to be, he agreed, that opponent is you Austin Cruz and that match is happening tonight. Not only will I beat you but I'll prove you wrong, not only will I show you I'm still good enough to compete I also have a Championship wrapped around my waste! And heck, if I lose, you've proven me wrong and I will hang up my boots.

*The crowd again inflow with boos disagreeing with Yuri also leaving the face of Austin Cruz shocked*

Yuri Black: Oh and one more thing... It'll be a tables match

*Yuri Black then drops the microphone and the camera fade black*

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