Who are your 3 favorite tag teams of all time?

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    Now that the tag team division is trying to take off in the WWE again slowly but surely I believe ......... It got me to thinking about the tag teams of the past some older teams like D.O.A, The Godwins-(anyone remember them), The Rockers, Legion Of Doom, New age Outlaws teams of that sort who would you guys put as your top 3 favorite tag teams of all time. It could be a tag team that lasted for a short while or two guys who pride their self on tag team wrestling and stayed together thru it all ..... Past...Future...Present
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  3. Hardy Boys

    The Rockers

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    I would have to say ( No particular order)
    The hardy boys
    DX ( All variations-New age outlaws also The team of Triple H with either Shawn Michaels or X-pac) I loved DX as a kid
    Honorable mention to #The Brothers of Destruction and #Team 3D
  5. DX, E&C and Hardy Boyz, probably.

    But, my 3 favorite tag teams currently are The Revival, American Alpha and DIY.
  6. Currently I would have to say Alpha, Uso's and The club
  7. When I was young Rockers, Hart Foundation, Demolition.

    DId not really care tag teams for the msot part later on. Hardy Boys?.
  8. Any team with Arn Anderson
    Any team with Jun Akiyama

    The two best tag team workers of all time. There's not a wrestler alive who got tag team wrestling like these two outside of Ricky Morton
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  9. E&C, Rockers and Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio

    Recently it has to be AA and Kidd & Cesaro, really loved watching them.
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