who are your favourites wwe superstars on twitter?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roi, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I do not follow all of the them , but for me ,cm punk is hilarious , I also like Ziggi and A.j ...... yours?
  2. Re: who´s your favourites wwe superstars on twitter

    Ziggler probably, Foley is pretty cool too and Regal. Punk annoys me after a while.
  3. I used to follow Michaels but he answers to many questions from fans , i really appreciate it but ....it is just too much
  4. Jericho is fun to follow when he is in wrestling. Sucks a bag when he's not.
  5. Barbie Blank

    CM Punk

    Brad Maddox

    Dolph Ziggler
  6. Matt Striker is the GOAT.
  7. Punk, Ziggler.
  8. Punk and Daniel Bryan

    Daniel Bryan posted stuff about THE RYBACK back in the day and it had me rolling.
  9. Antonio Cesaro. The dude is hilarious.
  10. He can tell you to fuck off in at least 5 different languages.
  11. AW was cool to follow when he was on twitter. The rape joke he told on Raw was nothing compared to the damage he did on twitter, the guy was hilarious. I think he stopped doing twitter last time I check because his alternate account has been dormant. I'm waiting for him to do one of those shoots.

    Ryder used to be pretty cool to follow, but I think he got tired of doing the social media gig or maybe the fans got tired of him.

    Ziggler is always funny and his tweeting is active.

    I think JR has some pretty good tweets on there as well as Stone Cold cause they give their perspective on WWE outside of kayfabe which is always nice.
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