Who are your Top 5 Canadian Wrestlers

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. If it's too hard to do Top 5, do Top 10 I guess.
    Based on Opinion, not following D*ck Riders.

    1. Chris Jericho
    2. Edge
    3. Bret Hart
    4. Christian
    5. Bobby Roode

    Just in case...

    6. Chris Benoit
    7. Roddy Piper
    8. Owen Hart
    9. Lance Storm
    10. Steen
  2. 1. Chris Jericho
    2. Chris Benoit
    3. Christian
    4. Edge
    5. Kevin Steen
  3. Totally forgot about Steen.:upset:
  4. Haha, I thought about been a little cheeky, and slapping Val Venis in there but decided against it. :lol1:
  5. :aries::emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  6. Admit it, you love Val Venis.
  7. Jericho, Edge, Christian, Bret, Owen.
  8. Pretty much this for me too.

    Nice thread though, makes you realise how many HoF worthy talents Canada has produced.
  9. Benoit, Owen, Steen, Roode, Jericho, and Christian for me.
  10. Tyson Kidd
  11. 6 wrestlers there homie.
  12. No shit sherlock. He said we could do 5 or 10. I chose 6. Suck it
  13. I hadn't noticed it. As usual. :haha: Sorry.
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