Who are your two most favorite WWE Midcarders of the Attitude Era?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aztecwarrior480, Feb 12, 2016.

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  1. Mine are Al Snow and Dean Malenko.
  2. Chris Jericho and Kane, easily. I know they won world titles, but they spent 99.9% of their careers during that time in the midcard. Being a Main Eventer or a Mid-Carder is a general summation of whatever your positioning on the card is.

    The New Age Outlaws, Ken Shamrock, and Val Venis all deserve a shout out as well. The Outlaws were arguably the most charismatic and entertaining tag team of all time (well, actually Road Dogg was the charismatic one while Billy was the 'workhorse' of the duo for lack of a better term, but still), Shamrock was intense as fuck and with the right push could have probably been a world champion in almost any other era, and Val's porn star gimmick and sexual jokes before every match were witty and amusing, too.
  3. RVD!!!!

    I'd also add Chris Jericho and Owen Hart onto the list. Absolute class acts with bags of talent. Three guys that have more talent and stardom than the entire WWE roster in 2016!
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  4. Y2J and Owen Hart.
  5. Kane and Jericho were great, I would still consider them at the very top of upper mid card. Shane O Mac and Rikishi were always entertaining!

    Also RVD and Tajiri for Ruthless Aggression era
  6. Kane for me. I loved him when he was the big red machine.

  7. Chris Jericho and Ken Shamrock. It really sucks that they didn't get to have a feud or even a match. It still gets to me why Shamrock wasn't WWF Champion, he really did deserve it.
  8. Kane. He is the greatest ever. Awesome moves and DAT ATTIRE AND THEME.

    Second would be D'Lo or Steve Blackman.
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