Who Believes?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nikki Nitro, Jul 7, 2017.

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Believe or Dnt Believe?

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  1. Believe

  2. Dnt Believe

  1. Who Believes in God and The Devil?
    Who actually Knows the stories of the Bible?
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  2. All that shit is fake bro
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  3. There isn't enough scientific proof to back up anything in the bible. Historical documents suggest there was someone called Jesus at the time of the New testament, however they can't prove that he was the son of god or that there is a god.
    Even if there was some sort of God there would be still people who would doubt him. The idea of a God is an interesting one but maybe it's just there to control us, there are many flaws within God and his description that he covers with other bullshit.
  4. I believe in God but I don't believe in the Devil. But I have a version of OCD called scrupulosity, which is religious based. It's an irrational fear of the Devil, even though I don't believe in him. It's weird.

    My beliefs are really hard to explain. Although I am technically a Christian, I accept Christianity as being a religion that exists under the umbrella of Hinduism. I think we are all part of the Brahman. We are all parts of the same entity. But the Brahman can manifest people like Jesus and Buddha. But they are all part of us. The point of life is eventually to reconnect with the Brahman which would be like the idea of going to Heaven. There's something beyond life that we're a part of and we have to find it and reconnect.

    And you know what's funny? You all know I am a hard nosed skeptic just about everything. But even though I don't believe in the paranormal, I do believe in Jesus and I do believe in something beyond our life.
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  5. I find that to be an interesting point u hv... "Believing in God But Not the Devil" I mean, U must believe to some degree if ur scared of him and yet U know his name?
  6. This is a weird story. When I was like 8, my mom took me to see a movie with George Burns in it. It was called "Oh God, You Devil." It was a nice funny movie. But a guy sold his soul to the devil and God eventually won it back in a game of poker. But even though it was a comedy, it scared the hell out of me. I honestly believed for a while that the Devil was after my soul.

    As I got older, I began to think I may have been schizophrenic. It was scary. Finally, I had a complete mental breakdown. I won't tell you about it because I guarantee you will have nightmares. I still get nightmares thinking about what I went through. It was horrifying. But it was because of my OCD. OCD makes you get anxious about things. However, most people with OCD don't really believe in the things that scare them. Still, they get anxious about it and perform little rituals to make them feel better.

    See, Schizophrenics believe what they witness is true. People with OCD don't. That's one of the reasons OCD is such a crippling illness. You struggle to control things that you don't even believe exist. It's weird.

    The reason I don't believe in the Devil is hard to explain. When I had my breakdown, it was the Devil that I was scared of. It was Jesus who calmed me down. Directly, I know he was in the room with me at my weakest moment.

    So yeah, it's complicated. Even psychologists need therapy :emoji_slight_smile:
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  7. Im 100% a Strong Believer. If it werent for GOD, I wouldnt be here talking today. He saved me 3 times from death. If it weren't for God, I would be sooo Lost. Spiritually
  8. I myself am not that big of a believer. Though I know plenty of people who have strong faith.
  9. Maybe there is, but nothing happens with you after you die. You just go into a deep sleep and see blackness. Enough people have died temporarily in the past and have seen nothing.

    Unless there's proof there's no reason to believe it. It sounds way too loony... I believe Jesus existed at one time, but all that Heaven and Hell shit, it's way too wack to believe it.
  10. Do u believe in the Bible?
  11. True... The Body stays in the ground after we die, but our spirits move on
  12. I Believe, so many things have happened to me to confirm it
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  13. I don't believe what's in the bible. It's a story in my opinion.. I believe it was written by dozens of people over the course of 1500 years.. I hope i'm wrong with everything i believe, but it just seems the most logical..
  14. Not really sure what I believe tbh.

    I do however regularly look up to the sky and chat to my uncle. He passed a few year back and helped me out loads. So I talk to him and say thanks for everything he did for me and let him know how I am.
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