Who benefited from last night?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jun 4, 2013.

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    This guy that's who!
    To say that Bryan was put over last night is an understatement. Did a lot of work in the tag match and had the hot tag. Was protected in his loss and the fact that he was pinned dirtily was emphacised multiple times throughout the night by the commentary team. Then he was put over in the backstage segment with Kane massively with Kane calling him one of the best workers in the world. He stood his ground with Ryback in that backstage segment. Worked two matches in one night longer than 10 minutes, both physical and he made Ryback look like a little bitch whenever Bryan had the offence. Not to mention being protected in the match finish. Ryback didn't pin him, he had to put him through a table which sends the message that he wanted to end it quickly. The number 1 contender monster heel couldn't stop him legitimatelly.​
    Curtis Axel also walked out of RAW well protected, getting the rub from Triple H and Vince as well as beating Cena by countout but I don't think many will disagree when I say Bryan was the guy that benefited the most from RAW.​
    What did you guys feel/think about Bryan's treatment last night?​
    I'm pooping with excitement!

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  2. Was talking with Ryan about this earlier on Skype. It was his night. He stole the show completely, and the crowd ate it up. The guy has to be in with a push. Ryback & Bryan have great chemistry, but that is probably because they travel together and stuff.
  3. Yeah, their really good friends or something so they should obviously be comfortable working together, which helped this match a lot. Ryback knew when to play the dominant Goliath and when to take his punches.
  4. The match was probably Ryback's best ever. A story was told and he sold DB's stuff quite better than I expected. I know the chances are slim, but wouldn't it be great if Ryback won against Cena at Payback, "injured" him, and feuded with DB for the title during the Summer? :yay:
  5. I could see a story where Ryback wins the belt, injures Cena at MITB at which point Bryan picks up the RAW briefcase and they then go on a game of cat and mouse. This is a long shot though.
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    Personally, the way they're building him up, I don't see it as being a longshot at all.

    After this little weak link story here, where else can he really go that isn't preoccupied? They can't just have him continue feuding with The Shield mindlessly for months. And the way I see it, the seeds were planted at this RAW for him to move into the WWE Title picture in the future. I mean, after Dbry making Ryback look the way he did, how could he possibly randomly make a feud with Dolph Ziggler?

    I believe this storyline now will happen for a few more months inevitably leading up to Summerslam, I'll even go as far as saying I see him being one of the ones that overcomes the odds and beats The Shield in their first 3v3 loss. After that, however, I can only see him rising with the time they're giving to his character and his extremely surreal popularity.
  7. I thought Daniel Bryan did a phenomenal job last night. His backstage segments with Ryback and Kane were great, and like he's been the past few weeks, his work in the ring against Ryback did not disappoint. I enjoy what he's doing with his intensity and submission moves lately and the crowd is entirely behind him. It's wonderful to see DB being booked in singles matches again, and based on the impact he's having with the crowd, I hope he gets another title shot real soon.
  8. I thought he was definitely the MVP of Raw last night. He had more segments out of anyone and wrestled two matches instead of one - the first match where he nearly defeated The Shield (the possibility was running through my head that he might pull it off) and the second match where he nearly went over the #1 heel in the company who is proving to be a threat to the WWE Champion himself. (Both matches were easily the best of the night, of course.) Cena himself even ran down to Bryan's aid after the DQ ending to the Ryback one, which was a lead in to the final match of the night.
  9. Brother in law to the rescue! lulz
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  10. I'd much rather see Cena/Bryan than Bryan/Ryback. Fuck Ryback .
  11. What's your problem with Ryback?

  12. He just bores me with whatever he does.
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  13. This is the Daniel Bryan I wanted to see a lonnnnng time ago. If anyone had any doubt as to why he's considered the "real BITW" just look at his recent work. 'Nuff said. The guy is legend.

    Imagine Bryan going over Cena (maybe even making him tap?) on a big PPV. The place would go batshit insane.
  14. Indeed, it's great to see Bryan being booked liked this. Kudos to WWE and Vince. The guy looked strong twice, entertained throughout and we're getting some character development. Couldn't ask for more.
  15. I feel like Daniel Bryan has been doing this week in and week out for months. He's always stealing the show, and putting on the best matches. I guess wwe is putting him over, but he's done a pretty remarkable job doing it all by himself with his amazing work ethic.
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