Elimination Chamber Who came out of the Elimination Chamber looking like a star?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Feb 24, 2014.

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  1. For me, it's Bray Wyatt. It seemed like it was his PPV last night and I marked for everything he was involved in. It staggers me how Husky Harris has turned into the star I mark the most for (alongside with Ambrose).

    Cesaro had a fantastic night as well as many people predicted.
  2. Reigns and Wyatt, just like the Rumble.

    It was made obvious to anyone paying attention that the EC was 100% Mania filler + Wyatts vs Shield. The entire PPV was hinging on that match. Nothing else felt important at all, which sucks for a great gimmick like the EC match going to waste.
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  3. Santino, hes a grown man and dosent play with toys.
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  4. Feel like Rollins deserves a shout out. He made the match of the night that much better with some of his spots. I didn't personally feel Reigns that much apart from super-booking, but I don't think super-booking = him putting on a great performance.
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  5. Storyline-wise, I'm sure Bray's at the top, but I have to agree with Crayo.

    Even if Seth doesn't come out on top, as constantly good as he's been in the ring, he just seemed to take it up a notch last night and put out some great spots. I was more than impressed with him last night.
  6. You asked who came out looking like a star, not who put on a great performance.

    Rollins was great though.
  7. Wyatts and Shield of course. Best match of the night
  8. I originally was so mad, like "Cena can't even eat one little pin, even at a smaller PPV like EC, for Cesaro." and then the lights go down. Still felt Cesaro should have gotten (and eventually get) his pin back against Cena, but the Wyatt Family helped soften that loss pretty quickly.
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  9. Well, we all know it wasn't Dean because he's the reason the Shield lost.
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  10. Rollins, Reigns and the Wyatts were pretty amazing. Ambrose was great whilst he was around.
  11. I thought Rowan looked better than he has. He showed a lot more than I knew he could do when he was dominating Reigns ( :(( ) for about 3-4 minutes straight.
  12. Harper looked pretty beastly last night. The dudes facial expressions really tell a story behind his intent and belief in Brays crazy world.
  13. I think the only person who really came out looking any good was Bray Wyatt.
  14. All the young guys involved in the six man came out as stars imo.

    Rollins and Harper deserve massive shout outs, MVPs of that match. Worked the majority of it and structured it and put it together incredibly well. Knew exactly how to build up to the big spots, either their own or the brawling between Dean and Bray or Roman and Bray. Set the match up incredibly well. And Roman proved he has some good ring chops, as did Rowan.
  15. Luke Harper, he is the best wrestler in the Wyatt's. He spent the most time in the ring for the Wyatt's for a reason, and he shined.
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  16. Cameron! She was sooo awesome. I hope she gets the push she actually deserves!

    Fuck that. I meant the Shield. Only watched their match, and it almost made me watch the whole thing. You know, if I didn't read about the crappy results.
  17. If he one day busts out the Brodierana I am gonna mark so hard
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  18. his suicide dive was nuts
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  19. He's almost freakishly athletic/agile for a dude his size.

    Also give me Harper vs Cesaro down the road
  20. Rollins 100%. Didn't think Reigns had one of his better nights. Fuck, he has to stop doing that power out of hold spot thing. Looks so lame and shit.
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