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  1. ROH needs a franchise player. A guy to build the company around. A guy that does the media, represents the company and carries the cards, puts asses in seats et cetera. WWE has Cena, New Japan has Tanahashi, NOAH has KENTA (lol), Dragon Gate has Ciima and so forth. Who do you think is the guy that ROH can build around? Who has all those right qualities. They have tried with Steen but Steen isn't really that kind of guy. He's a great top of the card talent but he isn't face of the company material for the kind of company ROH is trying to be.

    Son in your opinion, who should be the face of ROH?
  2. Cole or Steen
  3. I'll go with Edwards,he can be that underdog you just want to see go to the top.
  4. Steen was incredibly hot for a while but they screwed that over. Elgin could be if he puts in the work using his mad strength or sign Brian Cage.
  5. "The Icon" Matt Hardy
  6. I feel like right now it's Kevin Steen since he is the first person you think of when you say ROH. Most non indy watchers know who he is. The problem with having a franchise player in ROH is that they leave all the time to do bigger and better things. Once someone starts doing really good they get scooped up by the WWE. I don't see Steen going any where soon but I could see everyone else in ROH going somewhere in the near future.
  7. Honestly Matt Hardy is great. Cole right now seems pretty solid so far but he'll probably move up to a main company in the near future. Steen had his world title run but it was pretty boring.
  8. Do you even watch ROH? Lol
  9. Yes. I have for about a year and a half now.
  10. The Steen title run was amazing and Hardy is no where near ROH's franchise player
  11. I found the whole S.C.U.M versus ROH storyline boring other than that awesome cage match they had. Hardy is great in promos, I don't really think he is franchise but I just feel like he belongs there. If I had to think realistically, I'd choose Cole if he wasn't planning on leaving any time soon.
  12. Cole's only 23, I don't see WWE picking him up for awhile
  13. They've been building the company around Kevin Steen the past couple year's. It seems they're slowly moving away from that. I don't think they will have a franchise player, they don't need one.
  14. Every wrestling company needs one.
  15. He had an opportunity to go to WWE like last year and turned it down.
  16. I just don't see Steen as one, he just doesn't look the part tbh, but with that being said, he's the closest to their franchise player. In my honest opinion, they haven't found one yet.
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  17. Do you even watch ROH? Lol.
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  18. For a guy like this they just need to have a good look and get a good reaction, It doesn't depend on skill really thats why WWE's is John Cena so I would say Adam Cole could fit that part because he has a good look and has the skill too.
  19. Full watching indy wrestling? :lol1:
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