Who Can Be The Next Jinder Mahal? (Unlikely World Champion)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The "New" Beavie, Jul 1, 2017.

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  1. Sometimes, a wrestler you would never expect to be anywhere near the main event is thrust into that spot, whether it would be just being at the right place, luck, a sudden new character direction, or an unexpectedly hot angle and more. This can create a sense of unpredictability and create new stars, or be a disaster. Currently, while we call WWE "predictable" something very shocking happened just a couple months ago.

    If you've watched Smackdown as of late, you would know that, from out of nowhere like the finishing move of the person he won the title from, Jinder Mahal has shocked the wrestling world and won the WWE Championship only weeks after once being considered a "jobber." His title reign has been...not amazing, but we'll see how he does in the Punjabi Prision Match coming soon, and if his next storylines will be anything to write home about.

    So with that in mind, it makes me think back to other people who became world champions from out of nowhere. People like Jack Swagger, JBL, and more have won the titles from out of nowhere to varying levels of success. For example, JBL (yes, the bully), while he would not reach those heights again, the new gimmick and title run added years to his career and he later added the United States and Intercontinental Championships to his resume. Jack Swagger was strong for a year or two afterward, most notably challenging for the World title at WM 29, but eventually fell due to a lack of strong storylines.

    That got me thinking of people on the roster who are seemingly stuck in the midcard and are unlikely to break out. I'm not talking about people like Sami Zayn or others who are seemingly on the cusp of the main event scene just haven't got the chance to reach the top yet whether it would be storylines or other reasons. I am talking those who you think would never be World Champion, whether they are stuck with a certain gimmick or are losing in general. Perhaps out of all of these people, there can be one person who has the makings of a World Champion if given the chance.

    One person I think, if given the chance, can shine is Tyler Breeze.

    While now he is finally starting to break out with his tag team with Fandango (btw, Johnny Curtis is also good) with his entertaining as hell "Fashion File" segments and overall great ability, for a long time I felt he could have been a modern Shawn Michaels. In NXT, he perfected his gimmick, taking a classic archetype of a "model" character and adding a modern flare, he really became a great act, and above all else, in the pre-indy darling crazy NXT, was a standout, having great matches with Neville, Sami Zayn, many others, and even will go down in history as the opponent for Jushin Thunder Liger's only WWE match. Since joining the main roster, he has fallen flat, mostly due to lack of booking ideas. But now, he's shown something he can be which even some of our favourite "indy darlings" can struggle with for a while in WWE, being entertaining on the mic. He's charismatic and, if you give him a chance, can be a great wrestler. What is holding him back perhaps is the overall goofiness of his character. But, if you see in NXT, he can still be built as a credible threat if you give him a chance to be all business when he is in the ring. Maybe right now he is more fit for US/IC range if he goes solo, but you never know.

    Anyways, perhaps you disagree, but is there anyone stuck in the lower-card of WWE you feel could be like Jinder Mahal and be jumped towards the World title scene and do well if given the chance?
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  2. I personally think Jinder Mahal is doing a great job with the title at the moment, and I can't wait for the Punjabi Prison match at Battleground. His feud with Randy has been... meh, but overall as champion, Jinder is doing good.

    In terms of the next unlikely world champ... I really can't think of anyone at the moment, perhaps someone like Elias Samson, Kofi Kingston, or Apollo Crews.

    Keep Breeze with Fandango, Breezango are incredible.
  3. I always personally thought that someone odd that has possibly the potential to be break if he can break out of "just the son of a legend"-ish sort of role...is Curtis Axel. I don't think he's necessarily bad, per se, I just think he needs to break out from his dad's shadow and try to go his own direction.
  4. Tyler Breeze and Sami Zayn are too small and too Canadian to be Vinces WWE Champion.

    Mojo Rowley is someone who I could see eventually getting that main event title push
  5. Sami Zayn...

    He's extremely likeable, solid with promos and best of all...
    can put on an epic 5 star match with the right opponent.

    Zayn vs. Nakamura II for the World title would be fantastic
    to see.
  6. Bo Dallas
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  7. Jinder Mahal is the only Jinder Mahal. I don't mean to sound intentionally contrary, but it's true. What works for him works for him alone for very specific reasons. He's a hell of a hand who had been largely unused until his big update as The Modern Day Maharaja. The heat from the crowd can't be replicated. It's a wonderful blend of casual fans and the hardcore fans that create the heat he gets.

    Casual fans just booing a heel, hardcore fans of course overthinking EVERYTHING and mad that a "jobber" is the champ.

    They won't do this again for a while, because that would be retread and it wouldn't get the same reaction as Jinder has received. There's only one Jinder, and he is our champion.
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  8. Bit of a stretch, but I can see Big Cass having a championship opportunity in the future. His breakup with Enzo is the perfect opportunity to build him up. He's not that bad on the mic, he's got the look, pretty good in the ring and garnered a lot of heat from the crowd.
  9. Push Sami Zayn to the ME scene and make him WWE champ, please and thank you.
  10. Not sure how high it will go, but looks like Jason Jordan is getting setup for a big push.

    The whole Kurt Angle is a big storyline not to include a giant push.
  11. It would be a miracle. :kappa:
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  13. It's almost like you forgot.... Sami Zayn, or Zack Ryder or Mojo.
    He'll have his shot. They (WWE) just need to take their sweet time in pushing him, and it's slowly working.

    I think Nakamura is a great talent, but I agree with Vince - there's really not much WWE can do with him. He can be the Michael Jackson of Wrestling, but beyond that...? I donno, guys.
  14. Neville will be the next WWE Champion and the United States Champion.
  15. WWE Champion....



    Bitch, please.

    Legendary IC & US Champion is more likely. The Triple H of today, basically.