Who can beat Lashley now?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by CFCrusader, Sep 10, 2014.

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  1. Title asks it all, who is most likely to take the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from the BEAAAAAAAAAAST, Bobby Lashley, possibly at Bound for Glory 2014 in Tokyo?

    My guess would be either Roode or Joe. If TNA leave Roode vs Lashley 'til BFG, he'll take it. If not, I can see Joe coming in, he's so believable and probably would've beat Lashley (kayfabe) if King didn't step in. MVP could turn face (or Lashley turns face) if they feud, I'd mark for EY getting his own revenge tbh and Magnus would've probably been in this spot if they didn't screw him over this year. Honestly, Magnus turning face when Bram was hitting people with steel weapons would've been great, he realises that he needs to be more than the "Paper Champion" and starts a couple of months of big feuds until he reaches Lashley. In fact, he should've turned face when Dixie was still around... but TNA booking. :blackmad:
  2. I'm calling for the IT Factor, Bobby Roode!
  3. I really can't tell at this point. I got zero names but Bobby Roode.

    Possibly Ken Anderson or Gunner, who knows?
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  4. Bobby Roode, of course!
  5. Heard he might fight Cheick Kongo next. Kongo would fuck him up lol
  6. If Roode doesn't dethrone him I can see Lashley keeping it up until Destination X where he drops it Joe. It'd be cool if they built up someone like Bram, or Shaw to take him down. Doubt that would happen though.
  7. Destination X next year? I can just imagine how loud it would be when he would drop to Joe.... :bully2:

    Although I'm thinking that if nobody wins at BFG, they could eventually just build up Magnus and rectify one of 2014's biggest mistakes by letting Magnus beat Lashley at an Impact show in the UK. (Similar to how I wished they would do BFG in Canada so Roode gets a WHC win on home soil)
  8. MMA pissant gtfo
  9. No one, really.

  10. Roode or no one until BFG, and never Joe. Joe is a fatshit, and the closest thing to a part time performer in TNA. How often does he have a match over 8 minutes? Honestly.
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